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About Me

  Besides my book addiction, I have one other obsession in this world. My amazing husband. We've been together over 13 years and he still thinks my obsession with books is "cute." :) He even understands the special love I have for my book boyfriends. What a guy right?!?
       I am a professional singer, all though, I don't perform much anymore. I also teach voice lessons, and am a certified personal trainer. However, I've always aspired to be a singer and/or a writer. Lately, the author in me is yelling the loudest to be set free. So, right now, my focus is writing...oh and reading, of course! 
       I LOVE to talk about books and participate in a lot of FB discussion groups. I recommend this for anyone who is passionate about reading. It's so much fun, and an incredible way to meet others and share this love for the fantasy world of fiction.


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