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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Release! Shoot For the Moon by Rochelle Paige! @RochellePaige1

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Shoot For The Moon, Book 2 ~ 
Black River Series by Rochelle Paige

Eliza Reve knows that her ability to dream of future events sets her apart from others. Her gift became a curse when she wasn't able to save her mother or the alpha's son and she found herself exiled - a lone wolf. When she joins the Black River Pack, Eliza vows never to reveal her talent to anyone. Not even the man who has walked in her dreams for years.

Spencer Tate is her mate, but her visions have told her that he will renounce her. When he doesn't recognize her as his mate, she agrees to the no-strings-attached affair he offers because she thinks it's the most she can hope for. Although her heart breaks as she falls deeper in love with him, she wants to spend as many days with Spencer as possible before he kicks her out of his life.

When Spencer finally comes to his senses, he has his work cut out for him to convince Eliza that he wants her forever. When another she-wolf insists she's his mate instead, things get even more complicated. But Spencer isn't the alpha's second and enforcer because he isn't willing to fight for what's his, and he refuses to settle for anything less than Eliza as his marked and claimed mate.

This is book two in the Black River Pack series. Each novella will feature a different couple.

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Crying Wolf (Black River Pack, #1)

Release Blitz & Excerpt! The Runaway Ex by @shani_struthers @Julie_AToMR

Adult Contemporary Romance

Release: December 23, 2014

The Runaways are back...
For Layla Lewis, life is finally back on track. After her "runaway year" in Cornwall, another year has passed—an idyllic year spent with sexy new love, Joseph Scott, in the sultry heat of Florence. For best friend, Penny, life has also changed. Having recently given birth to a baby girl, she’s busy embracing motherhood. But, for the runaways, life is never that easy...
A chance encounter with Joseph’s ex-girlfriend, Tara, has explosive consequences for the new lovers, and all three are forced back to Cornish shores. Meanwhile, motherhood is not the joy Penny thought it would be—she’s heading for a breakdown and fast!
The bubble is burst, the idyll shattered.
Tara has a secret and only Joseph knows what it is. Despite being asked to trust him, Layla can’t help but question what the secret is and what it has to do with them. As Penny arrives in Cornwall too, some friends will pull together, others will not.
This secret, Layla suspects, will tear them all apart.

The Runaway Ex Quotes
By Shani Struthers

     “Tara,” he said a third time and then she had no doubt.
     He had barely changed in all the time they had been apart. Beautiful still, his hair lighter perhaps, his eyes the cornflower she remembered. A face she had loved to distraction in another lifetime. A face she had let go when adventure had called.
     He smiled at her then, a smile as soft as the memories she had of him.
     It was. It was Joseph Scott standing before her, like a gift from the gods.

The phone, where was the bloody phone?
     “Hi, Penny. Did you lose the phone again?”
     Penny couldn’t help but laugh.
     “Hi, Layla! Yep, I lost the phone—again. Damn those cordless inventions.”
     “Is it okay to talk? Is Scarlett asleep?”
     “She’s cat-napping. There’s a difference, a big one, unfortunately.”
     Immediately Layla was sympathetic. “Is she still not settling?”
     “Put it this way, I reckon world peace will be settled before she is.”

     “Wow!” said Layla. “So Tara’s in Florence. That’s a coincidence.”
     “But that’s all it is, a coincidence.”
     “So how is she? What’s her news? Is she on holiday here?”
     “A holiday of sorts,” Joseph replied, ignoring her first two questions.

     “I know it sounds bad...” he started.
     “Bad? Joseph, are you deliberately trying to be facetious?”
     “No, look, it’s not a secret, that’s the wrong way to describe it. It’s a... a situation.”
     “A situation you can tell me about?”
     “So it’s a secret, whichever way you dress it up.”

     “Are you going to tell your parents or just turn up on their doorstep?” Layla asked.
     Like I turned up on yours? The barb was clear.
      “I... I don’t know,” Tara replied. “To be honest, I hadn’t thought that far.”
     “Perhaps you should—think that far, I mean.”

Look, I’m trying here. I’m trying to be Mother of the Year. I’m doing everything I can, but she hates me. Yes, that’s right, hates me. She screams when she sees me at night, in the morning, through the day. Nothing I do is right. I can’t seem to make her happy, to make her gurgle, to make her coo. None of the things that those bloody textbooks I devour tell you babies should do. But I try, Richard, I really, really try.
     If only she had said those words in that order, but she hadn’t. They had come out stuttering, disjointed and mixed-up instead. Even she thought she was an idiot.

     “And you want to try this baby-led nonsense now? In a packed restaurant?”
     “What harm can it do? I’ll get the spaghetti bolognaise and she can have some of mine.”
     “But she’ll make a mess,” Penny declared. That red velvet dress, it was from Boden. It had cost a bomb, and she didn’t want it ruined.
     “She won’t.” Richard was adamant. Leaning forward to tickle Scarlett under the chin, he continued, “Will you, my tweedle-pop?”
     Tweedle-pop? Had he completely lost the plot?

     “Her name is Scarlett,” Richard replied.
     “Yes, I know that.”
     “So, how come you never say it?” Richard sounded pissed off. “It’s... it’s weird.”
     “Weird?” Penny couldn’t believe it. “You’re the one who’s weird, Richard.”

     “Before you say it—” Layla couldn’t keep her voice from sounding waspish. “Yes, I do trust you. You’re the one that’s paranoid, not me.”
     “I’m not paranoid,” Joseph immediately retaliated. “I just get the feeling you’re not being honest with me, that’s all. You say you trust me but I’m not sure you do.”
     Oh, and you blame me for that, do you? she thought, but refrained from saying it. Acting the harridan every time Tara’s name was mentioned was not going to endear her to anyone.

“Offer Tara an olive branch,” said Hannah. “Suggest meeting up, just the two of you, get an insight into her personality. Don’t be so ready to condemn her without good reason.”
     Layla balked slightly at the accusation.
     “And you don’t think sharing a secret with my boyfriend—a secret that’s upset him—and then telling him he’s not allowed to share it with me is good enough reason to condemn her? I can’t wait for this holiday to be over, to get away from here.”

     “I never stopped loving you, Joseph, despite leaving you. I... I still love you.”
     “I love you too, Tara.”
     As she turned away from him, he caught her arm.
     “You can do this, you know. We can do this.”
     “I know.”
     “If you want me, I’m here for you, every step of the way.”

     “I haven’t left the baby, Richard. I’ve just come to stay with friends for a few days. I’ll be back soon.”
     “Her name is Scarlett,” Richard suddenly yelled down the phone. “Why can’t you bloody well say it?”

     “Strange situation for you, though, isn’t it? Caught between two women.”
     Joseph looked a bit bemused by Penny’s comment. Bemused or annoyed?
     “I’m not caught between anyone.”

Joseph pulled her to her feet. “Good luck, Tara,” he said. “With everything.”
     “Thanks for the wish.” Attempting a stab at humor, she added, “Let’s hope Lady Luck hasn’t forgotten me entirely.”
     No sooner had she said it than she was in his arms. He was holding her close, as close as he used to, close enough so she could feel how much he was trembling.

     Tara was in turmoil? What about the turmoil she was in? That they had put her in?
     “Is that all you’re worried about?” Her voice rose with each word. “Your precious Tara?” Shaking her head in disbelief, she continued, “What about me, Joseph? Since she’s been back on the scene, you seem to have forgotten all about me!”
     “Don’t be so bloody stupid.” Joseph looked exasperated as well as angry. “I haven’t forgotten about you, but the world, it doesn’t revolve around you, you know.”

     “What do you mean, good reason? I’ve given you no reason not to trust me.” Joseph’s voice was low now, even more menacing somehow than when he’d been shouting.

About the Author

Born and bred in the sunny seaside town of Brighton, one of the first literary conundrums Shani had to deal with was her own name - Shani can be pronounced in a variety of ways but in this instance it's Shay-nee not Shar-ney or Shan-ni - although she does indeed know a Shanni - just to confuse matters further! Hobbies include reading, writing, eating and drinking - all four of which keep her busy enough.

After graduating from Sussex University with a degree in English and American Literature, Shani became a freelance copywriter. Twenty years later, the day job includes crafting novels too. She is the author of contemporary Cornish romance - The Runaway Year - published in 2013 by Omnific Publishing. The Runaway Ex is the second in the Runaway series

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Book Blitz, Excerpt & #Giveaway! Obsidian Faith by @Bev_Elle @BookEnthuPromo

Obsidian Faith REview Blitz

Obsidian Faith ebook Cover - smaller
Book Title: Obsidian Faith 
Author: Bev Elle 
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance 
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

They were the most unlikely pair to fall in love. . .

A golden boy with a dark past. A bi-racial girl with epic faith. These two weren’t supposed to survive the system, sketchy origins and all. Trevor Kyle has loved Shanice Bailey forever—from the time they both landed in the Baptist Children’s Home until they were young adults raised by adoptive families that had no resemblance to the worlds from which they came. Trevor has always been her protector and champion even when he was busy pushing her away for her own good. Shanice has always taken her faith in Trevor seriously. Her childhood oath is strengthened when she learns the true meaning of family. But After Trevor’s adoptive parents die tragically and his bachelor uncle takes him in, she finds that the boy she’s always looked up to has changed, and not for the better. Yet, she can’t bring herself to forget him as her pure childhood love for him blossoms into something more. The most generous heart and truest faith does not travel an easy path. Just when Trevor thinks he’s found a way to keep his promise to be with Shanice forever, a specter from the past threatens their future plans.
EXCERPT, Obsidian Faith, Chapter Twelve

“You want to be a doctor?” Trevor said.

“No, a nurse. I want to help people get over drug addiction and stuff, but I don’t want to go to school for all the years it takes to be a doctor.”

“That’s cool. Just don’t fall for some doctor and forget about me,” he teased.

“I’d never forget you, Trevor,” she said. “And I’ll never fall for some doctor.”

“How do you know?” he said. “You’ll go off to college and I’ll be as good as forgotten.”

“You’ll forget me first,” she said. “You already have. You’re the one who’s taking Emily Winters to the prom and everything.”

“It’s just another rite of passage.”

“A what?”

“It’s one of those things you’re expected to do at certain ages that transition you from one stage in life to another.”

“Oh, well. I’m not passing any rites with anyone but you,” She said.

“You’re too young to say that, Shanice. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do.”

“So do you.” She protested, just as he expected her to.

“Yeah, but I’m closer to twenty-one than you are, and I’ll be going off to college in a couple of years.”

“I know, but I won’t forget you,” Shanice said with conviction.

“How do you know this?” Trevor asked.

“Because I’m going to be like Amy March in Little Women.”

“Never heard of it,” Trevor said.

“Probably because boys think it’s stupid. But there is a Little Men, and Jo’s Boys and they’re about orphans and stuff. Anyway, they’re classics. Mom read the books when she was about my age, so she gave them to me for Christmas.”

“What does this have to do with you not forgetting me?”

“You’ll have to read Little Women to find out,” she said cryptically.

Trevor Promo 2 - 120414

Shanice Promo 2 - 120414

Bev Elle the author of sweet and spicy, contemporary romance. A lover of books–many already written, and those she harbors in her very active imagination. Writing is a passion she’s had for many years, but was unable to act upon. Until now. Bev Elle is the mother of three human children and two canines. She is also the lover of one husband :) When Bev isn’t writing in her spare time after work, she is thinking of doing so.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review Blitz & #Giveaway! Playing For Love by H.Y. Hanna @bighoneydog @BookEnthuPromo


Book Title: Playing for Love (Summer Beach Vets) 
Author: HY Hanna 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: October 23, 2014 
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions
Sara needs to escape - and an idyllic seaside town on the other side of the world seems like the perfect place. She'd always wanted to visit Australia, but the first thing she meets on the gorgeous, white sand beach is not a kangaroo but a wounded, lost Beagle!

Veterinarian Dr Craig Murray can't get the beautiful American out of his mind. They may come from different cultures - and even speak different "English" sometimes - but he knows they can have a future together. Can he convince Sara that this is more than just a vacation fling?

Then Sara discovers that Craig isn't quite what he seems and the past that she has been running away from comes back to haunt her. Now she needs to decide if she can risk it all again for another chance at love...

* EACH BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE, or read them in order for more fun! Characters you loved from past books often return to delight again in this sweet romance series set in Summer Beach, Australia.

"escape Down Under...and find love in Summer Beach, where cold noses touch warm hearts!"

3.5 Stars

This wasn't a erotic, drama filled book.  This was a fun and sweet romance read.  

Sara is down to earth, pretty, curvy and sweet.  However, she's a 
girl running from her humiliation.  After believing that one of Hollywood's hottest actors Jeff was in love with her, she's crushed when she finds out he was using her to boost his image.  She's running because the paparazzi would not leave her alone after her breakup with Jeff.  So she goes halfway around the world to beautiful Australia to visit her cousin Ellie.  What she doesn't expect is to meet the gorgeous Dr. Craig Murray

Craig is sweet, funny, gorgeous and seems to be one of the most caring men around.  He was the perfect distraction for Sara or so she thought.  Her life in the US is coming back to the front with the sexy Dr. Craig Murray.  He's a reality star....a celebrity...can Sara get past this or will she run once again?

When a chance encounter happens you can't help, but want to push these too together.  It was instant attraction.  Both of them are perfectly made for each other.  They both are sweet, down to earth, and animal lovers, but they live miles away from each other.   Do they take a chance and follow their hearts or give up on what has a chance to be special?

This is their journey to find love, trust in one another and enjoy life's unexpected moments.   

"Sometimes you have to take risks in life, you know.  Sometimes the thing you think you shouldn't do is the very thing you should do."~~Craig

I loved the whole animal part to the story...a match making dog...lol.  The thing I didn't care for was the Aussie talk.  Sometimes it was hard to follow exactly they were saying.  It also felt a little rushed.  However, it was a sweet romance book.  It's not my normal type of book, but it was a nice change for once.  I will read the next book in the series to get Ellie's story as she intrigued me.  3.5-4 stars!  






H.Y. Hanna was born in Taiwan and has been a globe-trotter most of her life, from growing up in the United Arab Emirates to working in the glamorous world of London advertising to emigrating Down Under. Along the way, she somehow managed to pick up a wonderful husband, a huge, slobbery dog, two rescue cats, an assortment of cardboard boxes and a slightly dodgy "trans-atlantic" accent.

After graduating from Oxford University, she tried her hand at a variety of jobs before returning to her first love: writing. She is the author of an award-winning children's mystery series and also writes romances, mysteries and romantic thrillers for adults.

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