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Friday, December 19, 2014

Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway! Sparrow 59 by Devon Ashley

Sparrow 59
By Devon Ashley

Publishing Date: December 16, 2014
Genre: New Adult Romantic Spy Thriller

The Bourne Identity meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith for the New Adult crowd.

Members of the CIA’s specialized team Sparrow, who investigate specifically into black market deals involving stolen medical research, were all murdered in one quick sweep. Drew and Samantha, team five-nine, have been more than just partners since their academy training days. Safeguarding their secret tryst from everyone in their professional lives, they trust no one but themselves. But when Samantha finds herself suspiciously spared and Drew missing, she doesn’t want to believe what the CIA claims – that Drew is not only alive and has defected from their secret division, but is facilitating the deaths of prominent research developers worldwide. Now the only member of Sparrow who hasn’t been killed off, Samantha finds herself under serious investigation by association – and a prisoner within her own home.
Just when she’s on the verge of being labeled a murderer and traitor herself, Drew activates a beacon only she can see, taunting her from across the world. He knows she’s watching, and she knows he could be gone forever if she doesn’t oblige his silent request. With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, Sam goes rogue to track him down and clear her good name. But when she finally catches up to her partner of four years, he hasn’t a clue who he is or what he’s done, and the men chasing him down suddenly want to acquire her as well.
Frantic yet determined, Samantha is forced to protect a man she no longer trusts in order to learn why he went astray – and why his associates are determined to retrieve him. But is Drew really a victim himself in a much greater scheme, or will his memories prove lethal, leading Sam into harm’s way like a lamb to slaughter, ultimately risking the life of the only member ofSparrow he managed to save?

***Recommended for 17+ for mature and violent situations, language and sexual content.
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     Through the walls, the deafening sound of heavily soled feet pounded against the floor like a procession of militia running in sync, echoing down the hallway in front of their makers.
     We were so close. So close to finally getting everything we needed. Now getting out again with just our lives intact seemed an impossible feat.
     Drew and I each searched a side of the storage room, weaving in and out of the clutter, finding nothing but a vent in the ceiling and not enough time to build our way to it. As we stepped behind one of the several rows of chrome shelving, the door blew open with a precision explosion, and a canister of smoke rolled in afterwards. I knew men in black tactical vests were making their way through the smoke with drawn weapons, sweeping through the room with an efficiency worthy of a SEAL team. Long story short, I seriously underestimated the manpower backing this place up this time of night.
     Drew knew it too, and before the hired mercenaries even had a chance to spot us and shout out their commands for our surrender, I felt the tip of his gun press against my neck.
     I inhaled sharply, yet silently. My hands clenched even tighter around the gun I held between jammed objects in the shelving, still waiting to strike the bodies filing into the room for a deadly game of hide and seek.
     “Don’t,” I whispered, my chest aching with pain. I squeezed my eyes tight, as if I could will him to change the words I knew were about to escape his lips.
I’m a mom, a lover and a fighter, a coffee addict, a total smartass, wicked knitster, a Microbiologist, a baker of fine yummy treats, and someone who will fight you to the death for that last Twinkie bag of M&Ms during the zombie-apocalypse. Seriously, my addiction is that important to me. Oh, and I say seriously way too much. Seriously…
You can usually find me on GoodReads and Facebook any day that ends in Y, and my links are off to the right. And if you often confuse your left with your right, it’s like, that way –> However, you tablet readers will need to go down, down, down to locate them.
This site will only have blog posts pertaining to news about my books (and maybe the occasional pic of a really hot guy, I don’t know), so if you’re looking for the site where I review books, this ain’t it. And if you know where that is, then you’re smarter than the average bear. Or just a really good stalker.
If you’re checking me out for the first time, let me be frank. I don’t write romantic fluff. Or stories that wrap together to form perfectly tied bows. You might get a happily ever after, but trust me, it ain’t perfect. And that’s just reality.
I hate books that have sappy dialogue no guy would ever say in real life, sex scenes that involve nonsense about couples coming at the same time or him penetrating her flower with his iron rod, or stories that rush the couple into engagement, marriage or pregnancy just to make the story go somewhere. God help me when I find a novel that has all this crap. Or really, God help my kindle, because I’ve probably thrown it across the room and broken it.
I have written some romances in the past that were more on the sweet side, but I’ve sort of found my groove in the dark and gritty and twisted worlds. Stories with couples who have to overcome a not-so-typical world, with story lines I hope are fresh and haven’t been beaten to death if you didn’t read it right away. And some times what I write about really pushes the lines on controversial subjects. I love to overwhelm my readers with emotions, even when they’re horribly dark and leave you cringing for days. So if that’s what you’re into – even secretly – I have a few books you might find worth checking out.

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