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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review Blitz & #Giveaway! Playing For Love by H.Y. Hanna @bighoneydog @BookEnthuPromo


Book Title: Playing for Love (Summer Beach Vets) 
Author: HY Hanna 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: October 23, 2014 
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Sara needs to escape - and an idyllic seaside town on the other side of the world seems like the perfect place. She'd always wanted to visit Australia, but the first thing she meets on the gorgeous, white sand beach is not a kangaroo but a wounded, lost Beagle!

Veterinarian Dr Craig Murray can't get the beautiful American out of his mind. They may come from different cultures - and even speak different "English" sometimes - but he knows they can have a future together. Can he convince Sara that this is more than just a vacation fling?

Then Sara discovers that Craig isn't quite what he seems and the past that she has been running away from comes back to haunt her. Now she needs to decide if she can risk it all again for another chance at love...

* EACH BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE, or read them in order for more fun! Characters you loved from past books often return to delight again in this sweet romance series set in Summer Beach, Australia.

"escape Down Under...and find love in Summer Beach, where cold noses touch warm hearts!"

3.5 Stars

This wasn't a erotic, drama filled book.  This was a fun and sweet romance read.  

Sara is down to earth, pretty, curvy and sweet.  However, she's a 
girl running from her humiliation.  After believing that one of Hollywood's hottest actors Jeff was in love with her, she's crushed when she finds out he was using her to boost his image.  She's running because the paparazzi would not leave her alone after her breakup with Jeff.  So she goes halfway around the world to beautiful Australia to visit her cousin Ellie.  What she doesn't expect is to meet the gorgeous Dr. Craig Murray

Craig is sweet, funny, gorgeous and seems to be one of the most caring men around.  He was the perfect distraction for Sara or so she thought.  Her life in the US is coming back to the front with the sexy Dr. Craig Murray.  He's a reality star....a celebrity...can Sara get past this or will she run once again?

When a chance encounter happens you can't help, but want to push these too together.  It was instant attraction.  Both of them are perfectly made for each other.  They both are sweet, down to earth, and animal lovers, but they live miles away from each other.   Do they take a chance and follow their hearts or give up on what has a chance to be special?

This is their journey to find love, trust in one another and enjoy life's unexpected moments.   

"Sometimes you have to take risks in life, you know.  Sometimes the thing you think you shouldn't do is the very thing you should do."~~Craig

I loved the whole animal part to the story...a match making dog...lol.  The thing I didn't care for was the Aussie talk.  Sometimes it was hard to follow exactly they were saying.  It also felt a little rushed.  However, it was a sweet romance book.  It's not my normal type of book, but it was a nice change for once.  I will read the next book in the series to get Ellie's story as she intrigued me.  3.5-4 stars!  






H.Y. Hanna was born in Taiwan and has been a globe-trotter most of her life, from growing up in the United Arab Emirates to working in the glamorous world of London advertising to emigrating Down Under. Along the way, she somehow managed to pick up a wonderful husband, a huge, slobbery dog, two rescue cats, an assortment of cardboard boxes and a slightly dodgy "trans-atlantic" accent.

After graduating from Oxford University, she tried her hand at a variety of jobs before returning to her first love: writing. She is the author of an award-winning children's mystery series and also writes romances, mysteries and romantic thrillers for adults.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my book and for your thoughtful review! :-) I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and especially that you liked Craig as the hero.

    I can definitely understand you finding the Aussie slang frustrating – when I first emigrated Down Under, that was my reality a lot of the time and I struggled to understand a lot of what people were saying – ha ha! I did include a slang glossary at the end of the book but I thought it would probably be a more realistic "immersion" experience if readers could experience some of Sara's confusion during the story! :-)

    Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to read and review it. I hope you enjoy the others in the series!

    Best wishes,