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Monday, December 29, 2014

New Release 5 Star Review & #Giveaway! Erased by K. Webster and Elle Christensen @AuthorElleC @KristiWebster

Publication Date: December 29, 2014
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Joss Parker’s life is a fairy tale come true. She’s a concert pianist in New York who lives with her longtime boyfriend and is close with her fiercely protective father—until one fateful night when she is taken in the middle of the night. In a desperate attempt to access a program that could be a threat to national security, her ability to play the piano is threatened. Her world comes crashing down when her father puts his need to protect a program over his own daughter. At the last minute, Joss finds herself whisked away by an unlikely ally. She later lands in the protective custody of none other than small-town bad boy and bar owner Derek Slade. Slade is entrusted to look after Joss and see to it that she hides behind her new persona, Jill, so that bad people don’t find her ever again. Joss has been erased. Joss is now Jill. As Joss trades her blond locks for Jill’s mahogany ones, she also takes on the strength of her new persona. Jill is someone who doesn’t put up with crap. Jill doesn’t trust easily. Jill must protect the broken heart of Joss. Joss and Slade battle an intense attraction, but she isn’t the only one with secrets. Behind Slade’s silver eyes are mysteries he’s unwilling to share. Slade knows better than to get involved with Joss, yet he finds it nearly impossible to push her away. What happens when Slade crosses the line of protector? Can he protect her when the evils of both of their pasts come back to haunt them?
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5 Stars!

What would you do if everything you knew and loved had been taken from you...if all traces of your existence has been erased?  You are no longer Jossalyn Parker, but now Jill Anderson.  Joss is dead!

I'm going to try and put into words how this book will rock your world....it's everything and more.  I could put so many quotes that just had me...damn I loved this book!

Joss had it all...perfect life, perfect dream.  But one night changes everything she ever knew or trusted.  Her life is thrown into a uproar over a password....a password to a very dangerous program.  Her father won't give up the password and everything falls into chaos after that.  She's in danger, but little does she know a hero emerges to protect her.  
      "I've got you Joss."  This should terrify her, but yet deep down it comforts her.  

When Joss wakes, her surroundings are unfamiliar and she reads a email from her father explaining the situation and what is needed to keep her safe, he erases her existence...I was blown away....he seemed selfish at first, but then I realized he was doing what needed to be done....protect her at all cost, he couldn't lose his daughter....enter her protector...Derek "sexiness" Slade....Wow!!!

Derek Slade is a small town bar owner, but I know he has secrets....what are they?   Who is he really?  You get some sneaks into his background and your heart goes out to him and you start to understand him, but he's still a mystery.  His job is to shelter Jill(Joss), give her a job and protect her at all cost.  What he didn't expect was to feel more for her, he needs to keep a clear head, be in control.  He needs to keep it strictly business....we'll see how long that last...lol.

Jill's rebellious side is finally peaking out.  She's lived under her fathers thumb for so long and now this monster, this delicious looking monster is her new nightmare.  He's so different from her boyfriend Kent.  He's manly, smells delicious and makes her body sizzle...but he's a prick and a unwelcome role.  She vows to protector herself and trust only one person...herself.  

"My body responded to his and danced right with him.  It knew the song and played its part perfectly.  He composed the perfect piece with his tongue and my body performed with perfection.  My orgasm was a symphony."   

This book had me on the edge...their intense attraction was sizzling and panty melting hot!  I mean it was like a love/hate between them and it was on fire!  What they had was passion, anger, want, desire and need.  It was scary and overwhelming for both of them.  I was so engrossed in their relationship...I couldn't get enough of them, they are magnetic.  I love that Slade tried to keep things separate, but it was hard not to blur the lines...he was in love with her.  I loved his nickname...Cupcake.  However, there was a point in the book that he did something that broke her and I wanted to kick him in the balls.  He took away her happiness, her one thing that gave her Joss back.  The thing that made her not feel like a prisoner....god I hated him then.  It broke my heart.

The suspense of the book will get its claws into you and not let go until the last page.   With every turn something new pops up.  It keeps you guessing on where the story is going next.  I loved it!  Couldn't put it down!

This book is the brain child of K. Webster and Elle Christensen.  K. Webster's books always make you fall in love with her characters, love her.  Elle Christensen is a new author and what a wonderful way to debut...spectacular!!!  These girls knocked it out of the ball park....Homerun!  I look forward to more from both of them.  Definitely a fan!   As I said it before this book has it all angst, feisty attitudes, suspense and panty melting sexiness!!  I could read this book over and over and it just keeps getting better!  

I will say I was lucky enough to help beta read for this and I am truly honored.  I am giving my honest opinion of this book.  It was one of my best reads this year.  I look forward to seeing where each author goes next!  As a team they are a powerhouse...Read this book and enjoy the ride!!

***Review written by Books Need TLC reviewer, Heather Driscoll

 Elle Christensen

Elle Christensen is a debut author. Her first novel, a collaboration with author, K. Webster is due to release in December of 2014.

K Webster

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