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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

5 Star Review! Lies Unspoken by Lisa De Jong @LisaDeJongBooks

Lies Unspoken (Flawed Love)
by Lisa De Jong
Release Date: December 14, 2014


I tried hard not to fall for the bad guy.

My new roommate, Blake, is a jerk—an unemployed artist with a chip on his shoulder. I can’t stand him unless his hands are on me. He makes me desperate for him, and everything he makes me feel.

And then there’s my new boss, Pierce--successful, charming, and extremely good-looking. He goes after what he wants, but what does he see in me?

I try to stay away, but I end up in the arms of exactly who I was hiding from. And when I find out what’s being hidden from me, my heart twists in ways it never should.

I thought I knew him.
I didn't.
The way he kissed me.
The way his hands traveled every inch of my skin.
I thought it meant something, but as it turns out, it was all lies unspoken.   

5 stars

OMG!!! This book was so OMG!  I need the second book like now.  Yes it ends in a big cliffhanger, an emotional cliffhanger...Wowzer!

This is my first book by Lisa De Jong and she has me hooked.  This book has angst, sexy scenes, alpha males, secrets, romance, love/hate relationship and oh my, gave me tears.   

Lila is heartbroken and is running.  She moves to Chicago to start over after her fiancée dumps her.  Her best friend offers her refuge in the form of her apartment while she's out of town, little does Lila know she has a roommate.  When the sexy, bad boy with a bad attitude shows up, she's shocked to find out he's Mallory's brother and roommate.  This is not what she needs now.  She can't stand him, but her body can't help but react to him....

Blake is a gorgeous, cocky, and has a bad attitude.  He does everything to make Lila feel unwelcome.  But he's drawn to her, she seems to fight him with his own medicine....attitude!  She makes him feel things he shouldn't feel, but he can't give her anything.  He has nothing, he's broken.  His past haunts him and so he keeps everything at a distance.  He can offer her a good time physically, but emotionally he can't promise her.

The chemistry between Lila and Blake is HOT!  However, when it's hot it's also cold.   They are so drawn to each other, but Blake holds back.  Lila knows he can't promise her anything other than a physical relationship, but she can't help but start to fall in love with him....NOT GOOD!  Her soul and heart are bound to get broken.  He was never hers, but yet she can't get away from him.  He consumes her....will she let go?  Will she find salvation with someone else? 

Pierce Stanley is rich, smart, and sexy and he knows how to make a suit look good.  He meets Lila on her flight to Chicago.  He finds her interesting, sexy and he is attracted to her.  He offers her his card and says to give him a call if she needs anything and he possibly has a job for her.  Weeks go by, but he takes the plunge and calls her offering a interview for a internship.  She hesitates, but decides to go for it.  There is just something about him....

This book invokes a lot of emotions.  It's sort of a love triangle, but yet it's not.  She gets lost in Blake...he consumes her heart, body, mind and soul.  But she needs to move on before her heart can take it.  Pierce is the guy for her.  The right one, he is always there, he doesn't run.  He would be perfect, but it just doesn't feel right.  Maybe in time her heart will give in to the right and safe choice....

I was absorbed into this book, couldn't put it down.  I was unsure about the characters at first.  Lila was not my favorite at first because she seemed a little bit of a tease.  She jumps into bed with Blake after a few weeks and flirts with Pierce.   When she moved to Chicago it was to start over, get away from men, but yet she jumps right into a guy's arms.   Blake was a complete jerk at times.  Alpha male yes, but then he was also a douche to the extreme to her...hot/cold.   Pierce was amazing, but yet he just seemed a little to go to be true at times.  I found things I didn't like in each of them, but yet they all ended up winning me over.  The ending...oh the ending....ugh!!  My emotions were all over the place.  The secrets and Blake's tortured past kept me wanting more.  I needed answers and you get them.  

The story flows nicely.  The writing is emotional and you will have a love/hate relationship with them.  I can't wait for book 2!  I need to see where it goes from here, because that ending gutted me!  

** Review by Books Need TLC reviewer, Heather Dricoll

About the Author:

Lisa De Jong is a wife, mother and full-time number cruncher who lives in the Midwest. Her writing journey involved insane amounts of coffee and many nights of very little sleep but she wouldn't change a thing. She also enjoys reading, football and music.

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