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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Books I'm Grateful I Read, Giveaway Hop!

One day, I came across an anthology called Alpha’s On Top. I had read the book of one author, but was unfamiliar with the rest. However, the book contained bonus sense, so I bought it just for those!
I fell in love with the other stories in that anthology and am now an avid reader of several of those authors. One day, I met one of the authors online and that intern introduced me to several of the others. They are some of my favorite people! So here’s a book I’m grateful for. The problem? It’s no longer available. So, why is that what my giveaway is about? Because I’m giving away 1 ecopy of each book in the anthology!

6 Winners!!

Cage by Harper Sloan

Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Broken Hart by Ella Fox
Incinerate by Tessa Teevan
Push the Envelope by Rochelle Paige
Broken by K. Webster

Oh… wait… my mistake.
 The copy of Push the Envelope?? It’s not an ebook.

 It’s a signed paperback!!!
(Sorry peeps, the paperback is US only)

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