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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#NewRelease #Review #DrakeDay Mastered by @maya_banks

Mastered (The Enforcers, #1)Mastered by Maya Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OMG! Just don’t hate me when you reach the end of the book…
This is my favorite book by Maya Banks so far. It was steamier, for sure, but also, the plot was really well developed. Drake’s “brothers” were as cute and funny as they were scary and smoking hot. Maya has only said that she has plans for Silas and Justice to get their own books so far…let’s hope it doesn’t stop there!!
Drake is a complex character. There were a few contradictions that bothered me. I love a possessive, controlling, Alpha, and Drake fit the bill beautifully. However, there is one scene in the book that blew it all to hell. The way that Maya explains it may make sense to others as to how it applies to his personality. However, for me, it really took away from his OTT personality and their romance. This is just my opinion though, and I think others may find it incredibly hot.
The best thing about Drake is his complete commitment to Evangeline from the moment he decides to make her his. He doesn’t comprehend his feelings completely yet, but he has no problem making it clear that she is his first priority. Even for just a little scrape on the knee, he wants to be there to hold her hand and keep her in the comfort of his arms. The juxtaposition of that attitude with his controlling side and his need for absolute obedience, with a need to punish if defied, makes for an interesting puzzle. And yet, it fits him. Maya does an excellent job sewing the two together.
Evangeline is a doormat. There really isn’t a way to spin that. However, she is completely honest and overwhelmingly compassionate, full of love for others. Drake brings out a different side of her. He builds up her confidence and self-esteem but he also brings out a little bit of her feistier side. Unfortunately, her feisty side seems to equal disobedience…but, is the punishment really that bad…? My heart broke for her as her relationships with other important people crumbled. But the reactions of Drake’s men and their overtures of friendship to her are adorable and fun.
This first book begins to delve into the BDSM realm and I get the feeling it will probably go deeper in the next book. I don’t usually care for that genre, but the way she handled it didn’t put me off and I found some of it rather sexy (although the amount of anal was a little much for me).
At the end of the book I had to fight really hard not to throw my kindle at the wall. Waiting until the next book comes out is going to be agonizing. But, wait I shall, because I must finish this series!

MASTERED, book 1 of The Enforcers series, is finally on sale. Can't wait to hear what you think about Drake Donovan and his world! #DrakeDay

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