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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

#Review #NewRelease A Midsummer Night's Fling by @AuthorEliza @marieforce

When you meet Max, you'll know why Marie Force loves A Midsummer Night's Fling so much...
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REVIEW - 4 Stars

This second chance romance is adorable and sexy at the same time. The cast of characters is definitely intriguing and they keep your attention throughout. One thing the author did very well was to inspire emotion toward them, whether negative or positive, I still had feelings for the characters. The plot is fun and has some unique elements. The outdoor theatre and summer Shakespeare cast reminded me of Shakespeare in the Park, in Central Park every summer.
 I also enjoyed the witty nature of the dialogue, especially the inner dialogue, it definitely had me giggling at times.

            Max is all that is yummy in a hero. I especially liked that he wasn’t the dark, brooding type. He’s quick to smile and put you at ease, funny, loveable, but he still has that masculine alpha thing that sets you on fire. Throughout the story, it’s clear he has done a lot of growing and the author does her best to give the reader situations where he is able to prove it. I loved that he took responsibility as well. He knew he’d screwed up. And, while there is blame to go around, he owned his part.

            Nicola actually possesses a lot of the same qualities as Max, although, she doesn’t admit to her part in their downfall quite as honestly. Once you learn their history, it’s easier to understand why she is so wary of being around Max and possibly falling for him again. She’s a strong woman and I love how she stuck to her guns and took the crap handed to her by other characters with dignity and professionalism. This is one of the ways the author was able to show Nicola’s level of growth as well.

            These two have crazy chemistry! The sexual tension is thick and when it finally implodes, you’ll walk away with 2nd degree burns!

            The cast of characters is fabulous. They are all so unique and I finished the book hoping some of them will get their own novels.

            I will say, there was a little too much Shakespeare. And, this is coming from someone who was a professional actor and English Lit major, who adores Shakespeare. So, too much for me is hard to accomplish. It got tedious and slowed the pace down some. There were also a couple of moments where the author almost lost me. I felt like their interest in other people, after being back in each other’s presence and feeling their chemistry, towed the line with me.

            Overall, this was on the lighter side, it was fun, sexy, and sweet. I enjoyed it a lot. It goes on my “might re-read list” but I’m definitely going keep my eye on this author.  

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