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Friday, January 8, 2016

#Review #Giveaway The Voice Between My Legs by @OzloandPriya @BTSPromosPR

Title: The Voice Between My Legs: The Complete Series
Author: Ozlo & Priya Grey
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 2015
Breast Cancer Killed My Libido. He Brought It Back...

 I've discovered a voice I never knew I had. And now, with a second chance at life, I can't play it safe anymore. After a wild night with him, my life is forever changed. He is sex personified...raw, intense, powerful. But when hotshot billionaire Cooper West enters the picture, things get complicated. He's arrogant, gorgeously handsome...and hiding something. But so am I... 

*Due to mature sexual content, this title is intended for adult audiences. 18+ only.

Reveiw - 4 Stars
The Voice Between my Legs was nice little surprise.  The beginning was done in a diary style.  You meet Lacey and find out her story through her words.  She allows Cooper to read her words so he understands her more....only there is more to both of them.  This is their journey into exploration of sex, life and love.

Lacey has lived through something that has her finally wanting to follow her dreams to be a photographer.  To take the steps to go for it, to achieve some happiness.  Only she has some small hurdles...one being her sex life.  For three years she has been able to "enjoy" herself.  Sickness and medicine has depleted her libido.  When she meets her new neighbor Penelope, she's introduced into a world of fantasies and desires.  Will this help her move past some insecurities and find her appetite for sex again?   What she doesn't expect is Cooper West...

Cooper West is a jerk!  Yet he's also charming, gorgeous and detached.  He owns his own company....a multi million dollar company.  For the last few years he's thrown himself into his company to get over the pain from his past.  He will never fall for someone again or at least that's what he thinks.  When he meets Lacey, she intrigues him, she draws him in.  He can't let go of his past because he destroys everything, but will he for her?

This has some BDSM elements, but it's done quite lightly.  Their time together is sexy, but I would have liked a bit more kink.  Don't get me wrong, the story is good.  There is a character I would have liked too have seen go a little more crazy.

Part 1 is pretty much Lacey's story and Part 2 you find out why Cooper is the way he is.  Secrets unfold and dreams begin.  It also mixes their exploration of life and love together.  I enjoyed the story and have to say I will check out more from this husband/wife duo.   Definitely a nice little surprise!

Review by Heather Driscoll
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About The Authors
Ozlo and Priya Grey are a husband and wife writing team. Their time is consumed with writing, re-writing, editing, and tinkering with Photoshop and WordPress. When they step away from their desks, they enjoy long walks on the beaches of Southern California.

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