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Monday, July 25, 2016

5* #Review #Tour Provocative by @AuthorALucian


Social Butterfly PR is proud to present the release of Provocative by Alex Lucian

Series: Tempting #3 Release Date: July 21st Cover Designer: Najla Quamber Photographer: Lindee Robinson Photography Cover Model: Denise Emilia

Coming home to a quiet, dark house.
Meals by myself, because she was already done. Excuses and apologies, they were never enough. But even with that, when I touched her—when she arched under me and pulled me deeper— we couldn’t get back to where we needed to be. Where we used to be. It was all frustration. Loneliness. Loss. Because even though she was no longer my student, the chemistry was always there. Adele and I loved each other. We thought we were unshakeable. But love isn’t always enough. It wasn’t enough when I constantly disappointed her. It wasn’t enough when loss cleaved us in two. And when she left me, love was not enough. She didn’t know yet that I’d never stop fighting for her. But she would. **Author’s note- Let’s be real clear that this is BOOK TWO of a duet, and you’re going to want to read Tempting before you read this one. Adele and Nathan started their story in that book, and you’ll get the same sex, fighting, and cursing that you did in the first. But if you want it to make sense, read Tempting first. If any of that offends you, please avoid them both.**  

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5+ Stars!!!
“Provocative”: Stimulating, incendiary, confrontational.
All apt words to describe Alex Lucian’s third book in the Tempting series. This is NOT a standalone and book one in the series, Tempting, must be read first. As Tempting is a great story in itself, this is no hardship. Provocative is a highly emotional, angst ridden, hangover inducing read that I could not put down. I didn’t know what to do with myself after finishing it. I didn’t want to even start reading a new book (blasphemy!) because I knew that no other would be able to even remotely come close to the absolute perfection that Provocative was.
Nathan and Adele. One soul residing in two bodies. They are sensual, loving, combustible…. And are beginning to live separate lives. They hide their emotional shortcomings behind mind blowing sex. But sex can only be the glue that holds them together for so long. When faced with devastation, instead of grieving together, they each live in their own dark worlds. Neither knowing how to cope, what to say, or even how to feel. And because of it, Nathan loses Adele.
“Have you ever tried to live without your heart?...You can’t. You can’t live without it. She’s got it.”
Nathan lost Adele and he knows that it was his fault. He wasn’t there for her, even when he promised he would. He treated her like a child and ignored her pleas, believing that she was being irrational because she was so young. But once he had a good, long look in the mirror he opened his eyes to the realization that her walking out on him could have been prevented if he would have been there for her like he promised her he would. Her objections were valid, and he sacrificed his time with her for his new job, believing that she would be fine with what little time he was able to allot her. He fucked up and in a big way.
Adele loves Nathan, but she can’t be with him when he doesn’t take her concerns seriously, and instead patronizes her because of her age. He may be older than her, but they are supposed to be equals when it comes to their relationship. His inability to keep his promises, after knowing her emotional scars from the past, is a hardline for her. She doesn’t know what else to do but give each other time away from one another. It hurts, it breaks her heart, but it’s also the last thing she can think of to get him to see how serious she is. Adele needs the time away, and with it will come clarity that she needs to see things from his perspective as well.
This book is emotionally draining. It hurts to follow along with their lives when they are both in so much pain. Apart, they are in limbo because they truly belong together. They just have to learn to really be together on all levels. Nathan has to win Adele back, but Adele has to do some soul searching as well. They are both at fault for the relationship imploding as it did, but to move forward together they have to lay it all out there. They are meant to be together, but if they both aren’t fully committed they won’t last.
There is so much that happens in this book. The emotional range of it is mind boggling. This book is fantastic and Alex Lucian has cemented herself as a freaking fantastic author. I applaud her for writing a book that had to have put her through the emotional ringer and I thank her just to the same for the opportunity to read such a wonderful story. I can’t even truly express how fantastic this book was. Not reading Provocative would be a crime to books everywhere.

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About Alex:

Alex Lucian is an author living on the eastern coast of the United States who appreciates being anonymous, for personal and professional reasons. Tempting is Alex's first novel, followed by Beguiling and Provocative.

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