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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Author Spotlight- Marie Garner!!

Author Spotlight!

Marie Garner
Congratulations on your second release!
Miss Congeniality released 10/27!

Author Interview

What prompted you to write your first book?

I have had the idea in my head a long time about the basic premise of Finding Eva, and I just decided to write it out.

Is there anything or anyone in particular that you draw inspiration from?

Everyday life. I have an eclectic group of people around me, and so a lot of the stuff I put in the book actually happened or I heard about. It really is true that fact is stranger than fiction.

Which story has been your favorite to write?

Miss Man-Eater has been my favorite thus far. I am loving Raquel- her personality is labeled after someone very close to me and so I just picture her when I am writing.

Is there a book concept you’re just dying to write?

There is a romantic suspense I am dying to write. I can’t wait to dig into it (someday)

Which character of yours, is your favorite?

I really like Ainsley (Raquel’s sister) who you will learn more about in Miss Man-Eater.

Do you have a favorite book?

The Villa by Nora Roberts and Ransom by Julie Garwood (Actually- anything by those two is amazing!)

Who is your favorite Disney character?


Do you have a method to your writing process? Outlining, etc.

I read somewhere you should write down twenty things to happen in your novel- so I usually do that and then I write a very detailed outline. But my outline is usually out useless by chapter 8.

Have you ever gone back to book you've published and wished you could have changed the ending or some other major aspect of the story?

Yes- Finding Eva. I feel like I toned it down when I shouldn't have.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to new writers?

Write. And I know that is something everyone says but until you have actually written a novel you have no idea how hard it is and regardless of how amazing you are if you don’t have the book for people to read it doesn't matter. Also- treat it like a business. If you want to be seen as a professional, act like a professional.

About Marie

Marie Garner hails from North Carolina, and has had her nose in a book for as long as she can remember. Story ideas have been floating around in her head for as long as she can remember when she finally decided to write them down. She is an avid football fan, often found rooting on her Washington Redskins or her alma mater NC State. She has taught for the past 7 years, with a short break to earn her Master’s degree. She loves London, having lived there for a year, and loves taking all those crazy ideas to make stories you enjoy!

Stalk Her

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Finding Eva
Published: June 13, 4014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Eva Matthews hates chaos. She worked hard as a high school teacher and prided herself on the life she had made. After a secret from her past sent her well-ordered existence spiraling out of control, all she wanted was answers. Her search led her to Highland Creek and into the arms of the elusive Aaron Sawyer.

Aaron was born a fixer. Every injured person or animal from miles around was treated to his personal attention, and he thrived on putting out fires as the local lawyer at Highland Creek. He never found a problem he couldn’t solve until Eva and although misconceptions led to instant dislike, he couldn’t stop himself from trying to heal her battered soul.

Although Eva is more than willing to engage in a summer fling, she isn’t interested in seeking Aaron’s help or complicating her life with anything long-term. How can the man who lives to fix things stay away? Could Aaron and Eva turn a summer fling into a serious relationship?

Miss Congeniality
Published: October 27, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Miss Congeniality doesn’t curse. Miss Congeniality doesn’t have tattoos. Miss Congeniality doesn’t drink shots. Miss Congeniality doesn’t ride motorcycles….Or does she?

When America’s sweetheart…
Brea Richards is America’s sweetheart. Dubbed Miss Congeniality by the media, Brea has spent years honing her current reputation. And being one of the leading stars of a prime time television show…priceless. It’s a long way from her humble beginnings, but that’s her secret to keep. Or at least that’s what she believes until she gets the phone call.

Meets America’s bad boy…
Lance Holder is America’s bad boy, the guy they love to hate. He lives life the way he wants, and makes no apologies, regardless of what anyone thinks. All everyone sees is the tattooed, motorcycle riding, reckless movie star, preventing anyone from looking beneath the surface. And that’s just fine with Lance. Until his new gig puts him right in the path of Brea.

Will either one escape unscathed?
Lance is the newbie on Brea’s show, and everyone is watching to see if America’s bad boy will influence Miss Congeniality. They don’t know Brea’s worst influences happened long before Lance entered the picture. And Lance seems to be one of the only ones to see beyond her current fa├žade. Maybe America’s bad boy is just what America’s sweetheart needs…

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 Want a Signed Copy of Miss Congeniality? 
Order it here ® http://bit.ly/12Xse4e

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