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Monday, October 20, 2014

New Release & 5 Star Review! Rock Bottom by K. Webster

Author: K Webster
Series: Vegas Aces Series, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Donnie Jennings has a lifestyle most men only dream of—a life full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. In his eyes, there’s not much more he could ever want than banging drums and banging groupies. But what will happen when his bandmates find love and he’s left behind? What will happen when the tour ends and he’s left all alone? 

He’ll hit rock bottom.

Nora Storm has a job that requires her to be tough. Day in and day out, she deals with heartache and pain, bringing home a measly paycheck for her efforts. When credit card debt consumes her, she picks up a second job—one that would make her momma blush if she were still alive, but at least she doesn’t have to run back to Daddy for help. She’s a grown woman and will own up to her responsibilities. But will being responsible take a toll on her wellbeing? 

She’ll take control. 

When a chance encounter brings Donnie and Nora together, they quickly realize that they know each other from their past, and a storm begins to brew. As loneliness and despair start to overwhelm The Aces’ bad-boy drummer, Nora steps in, hell-bent on saving him from himself. Her claws come out when she has to also protect him from everyone else. Paparazzi. Groupies. His father. 

They’ll join forces.

Together, Donnie and Nora form a Bonnie and Clyde relationship of sorts and find themselves running desperately from a storm determined to destroy them. 

Will these two find a way to be together forever?

Or will dark clouds engulf them and blow away their chance at a happy ending?

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~ Review 5 Stars! ~ 
I am a huge fan of the Vegas Aces! These boys melted themselves right into my heart. Rock Bottom lived up to the series in every way! This is book three in the series and id the story of the drummer, Donnie.
These books are part of a series, however they can be read as a standalone. IF you’ve read the first two, then you’ve journeyed with Donnie through the ups and downs of his friends and bandmates falling in love and finding their happily ever after. But, if you’re reading this book as your first foray into the Vegas Aces, K. Webster brilliantly builds the story with just enough backstory to help you understand the past conflicts that affect Donnie.
Donnie is a typical rock star. Money, booze, babes, and drugs. He left behind a rich family and their “expectations” to do what he loves and has passion for. Besides being panty-melting hot, Donnie has an enormous capacity to love and he funnels it into his music and his bandmates. With no family support, Donnie is left feeling abandoned and so incredibly alone as his best friends find love, the band no longer being their top priority. My heart was breaking for Donnie. He is a hollow shell and he knows it. He uses the drugs and alcohol to numb him from the oppressing isolation he feels. You’ll want to cry for him and hug him, telling him that it will all be okay. Even when he made incredibly stupid decisions, to a certain extent, I could understand why he made that choice and I loved him more for being human.

Nora is a 9-1-1 operator and, while good at her job, she longs to be singer and has a…side job to fulfill that part of herself. She has inherit goodness in her. An ability to see the light in other people and a desire to help them heal. When fate brings her into contact with Donnie, at BOTH of her jobs, circumstances escalate into chaos, with Donnie looking like the bad guy at the center of it all. And yet, Nora sees the good in him, his need for someone to rescue him. I suppose rescue isn’t even the right word. He just needs someone to support him as he learns to rescue himself. Someone who will unconditionally love him and stand by him. To take away the loneliness. For Donnie, that someone is Nora. From the first time they meet, she is like the sun to him. She brightens his life and makes him feel as though the future isn’t as dark as it looks.
This story is unexpectedly poignant. When I pick up a book about a rock star, it’s unexpected for me to be almost brought to tears by the heartbreak, but not so unexpected to have the temperature in the room rise a million degrees when Donnie and Nora give in to the fireworks between them. Donnie and Nora also share a sarcastic and wicked sense of humor. 
I loved every minute of this book, the ups and down, the backwards and forwards. I wish there was a fourth bandmate to read about…oh wait… a little birdie told me that the Vegas Aces are not gone just yet. The next book is about Donnie’s sister Daphne. I can’t wait!!!!


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K Webster

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