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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway! Five Minutes Late by Rich Amooi

Five Minutes Late 
 by Rich Amooi
Release Date: August 29th, 2014
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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  "Can an always-tardy garlic mogul and a punctual Silicon Valley librarian fall in love? The world needs garlic and somebody’s got to sell that garlic. Cedric Johnson is that man. But even though he’s got just about everything he can wish for, Cedric is still missing one thing in his life: someone special. Fate may be on his side, but he encounters a few distractions along the way—like almost being killed by a UPS truck. Oh, and a little case of blackmail. Ellie Fontaine is a walking Wikipedia with clear professional goals, but when it comes to landing Mr. Right, she doesn’t know jack squat. She even gives online dating a shot and ends up with an unappetizing buffet of unibrows and losers. What’s a girl to do? After Ellie saves Cedric’s life, serendipity takes over as they continue to run into each other. Their connection grows stronger with each meeting, even though he embodies her number one pet peeve: he’s always late. But even if they can get past their issues and misunderstandings, Ellie’s ex-boyfriend, an unscrupulous cop, will do anything to keep them apart. Five Minutes Late is a hilarious fast-paced romantic comedy, full of snappy dialogue and fun, quirky characters, guaranteed to warm your heart."

Excerpt #1
“He kissed me in the library!” said Ellie. “That’s my place of work and it’s completely inappropriate.” Ellie forked some noodles on her plate. “I’m up for the biggest promotion of my life and if that kiss has repercussions, I’ll kill him with my bare hands.”
Grandpa Frank laughed. “You’re not overreacting a bit?”
“You don’t go kissing people in their place of work.”
“Well, I don’t know about that. Things happen in the moment of passion and sometimes you just can’t help yourself. I kissed your grandma in the malt shop … a few times.”
Ellie stopped chewing.
“Don’t look so surprised. I wasn’t a prude, you know.”
“I know, but …”
“Is it about the promotion? Or is it something else?”
Grandpa Frank knew her so well.
No. It wasn’t about the promotion, now that she’d thought about it. The real issue was she enjoyed the kiss and didn’t want it to stop. That scared her, because she still wasn’t sure about who he was. She was attracted to Cedric that was for sure. He was witty and charming, but she had a lot of unanswered questions and doubts about him.
Ellie smiled. “Have I ever told you that you’re a wise man?”
“Yes.” Grandpa Frank chuckled. “But I don’t get tired of hearing it.”
“I enjoyed it. The kiss.”
Grandpa Frank nodded.
“And I slapped him.”
Grandpa Frank grimaced. “Poor guy. I guess this is one of those times where we men don’t understand you women. Why would you slap him if you enjoyed the kiss?”
Ellie shrugged and fidgeted with the salt and pepper shakers. “Nervous reaction, I guess.”

Excerpt #2 
“Who was the first person to walk on the moon?”
Ellie sighed. “Seriously? If you’re going to try to stump me, you need to come at me with something better than a fifth-grade question.”
“So, you don’t know?”
“Neil Armstrong.”
“Correct … and you’re right, that was too easy. You must be good at Trivial Pursuit.”
“They hired me as a consultant for their Book Lovers Edition.”
Cedric blinked.
She smiled. “You don’t believe me? Try me.”
Cedric sat up and rubbed his hands together. “When was the civil war?”
“Which one?”
“Very good.” Cedric laughed. “American.”
“1861 to 1865.”
“The Spanish?”
“1936 to 1939. Look, I appreciate the effort, but I can answer these questions with ninety-nine percent of my brain cells tied behind my back.”
“Is that right?”
She nodded. “Got anything else more … stimulating?”
Cedric grinned. “Of course. Stimulation is my expertise.”
Okay. He couldn’t believe he said that. What was he thinking?
“Well then, give it to me.”
Cedric smiled. “Scientific name for garlic?”
“Allium sutivum.”
He made the sound of a buzzer. “Nice try, but that’s incorrect.”
“No, it’s not.”
“It’s allium sativum.”
“Oh come on, close enough.”
“You got a thing for garlic?”
“I guess you could say that.” Cedric took a sip of his coffee, feeling much more confident about things. “What’s the world record for the longest kiss?”
Ellie hesitated and bit her lower lip. Why the hell did she have to do that? Now he was looking at her mouth again.
“Are you making up this question?”
Cedric chuckled. “It’s a fact. I think I read it on the Chapstick website.”
“And you don’t think they said that to promote kissing and sell more Chapstick?”
Cedric shrugged. “I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt.”
Ellie smiled. “I admit I don’t know this one, so I’m going to guess.”
“I’m okay with that.”
“Three hours?”
“Seriously? Three hours is nothing.”
“Nothing? You’ve kissed someone for three hours?”
Cedric nodded. “Sally Farnsworth … eighth grade.”
Ellie laughed. “We would have some seriously chapped lips after three hours of kissing.”
“I’m not sure. Let’s find out.” Cedric pretended to get up and startled Ellie.
“Sit down. We are not going to kiss.”
Cedric laughed. “Today.”
“Today what?”
“We are not going to kiss today.”
Cedric was pretty sure he saw her trying to hold back a smile.
“Look,” said Ellie. “Are you going to tell me the answer or not?”
“Fifty-eight hours.”
“What? Impossible.”
“No it’s not.”
“A fifty-eight hour kiss?”
Ellie was deep in thought. “God. How would you go to the bathroom?”

“Very carefully.”

About the Author 

Rich Amooi -Author PhotoRich Amooi is a former Silicon Valley radio personality and wedding DJ, now a writer of comedy and romance. He believes in destiny, silliness, infinite possibilities, Betty Crocker Super-Moist Yellow Cake with chocolate frosting, gratitude, laughter, and happy ever after. Rich lives in San Jose, California with his wife and their very hairy dog. He enjoys writing stories that are light, fun, a little bit crazy, and romantic. :)

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