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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway! Snow the Vampire Slayer by Rebekah R. Ganiere

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Snow the Vampire Slayer (Farielle #2 )
Publication Date: September 22, 2014 
Genres: FantasyRomance 

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Lady Snow Gwyn is tired of playing "mother" to her seven Vampire Slaying brothers. For the past two years, she's yearned to be out there fighting at their side as they hunt for bloodsuckers in the black of night. Snow is as good a fighter as any man, but she wasn't called to be a Slayer. A mere formality in her book. Prince Sageren, Son of Lothar has spent the last fifty years in exile, awaiting the day when he can finally avenge his family and take back his throne. Barely existing, he's forced to face his inner demons and the monster he once was, compelling him to vow to never drink from humans again. A simple enough task--until he crosses paths with a human who makes his fangs ache to drain her. That's why when Snow runs into Prince Sage on a late night trip to the woods, she's torn between the urge to kill him and the desire to succumb to the feeling he stirs within her. And when Snow's life is threatened by the same evil that murdered his family, Prince Sage must enlist the aid of Snow's brothers to not only help him save her life, but to also regain his rightful place as King of the Vampires. If Sage can keep the Slayers from killing him first.

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Review- 4 Stars 

Snow the Vampire Slayer is a book full of action and adventure that keeps you wanting to turn the pages! I was into this book from the very beginning. The way that Rebekah Ganiere writes keeps you enthralled and longing to know what is going to happen next.

Snow is s character that I grew fond of from the very beginning. Her motherly instincts that have to kick in to care for her brothers is comforting. She loves her brothers dearly and would do anything for them. Snow's love for the fighting skills that her father taught her keeps her on an adventure every night. She wants to prove to her brothers that she has the skills to be a slayer just like they are. Her brothers being the protective ones that they are, try to keep her locked away and shield her from harm. However, nothing will stop Snow from training on her own. Once Snow meets Sage, her love for him has her wanting to take even more chances that prove to be dangerous to her.

I grew fond of Sage as well. The way that he cares for Snow is honorable. His restraint in not taking her from the beginning attests to his deep love and caring for Snow. I admired how he was always on the lookout for Snow, trying to keep her safe. The way that Sage mesmerized Snow from the first, it was obvious that good things were destined for this couple. I loved seeing their relationship blossom and seeing the lengths to which they would go to profess their love for each other.

Rebekah Ganiere kept you longing to read more and more until you reached the end of the book and then you longed for even more after that. To know that there is another book already in the series has me wondering what will happen next!! Thanks Rebekah for a great read!

~Written by Books Need TLC reviewer, Melanie Hutchinson~

About the Author

Rebekah R. Ganiere

Rebekah is an award winning author. Her novel Dead Awakenings, debuted in January 2014. Red the Were Hunter, the first in her Farielle Series, released in May. The second book Snow the Vampire Slayer will be releasing in September 22, 2014. And her trilogy The Society will be released Nov. 17th 2014 by Kensington's Lyrical Press. Rebekah is the VP of Communications of the RWA FFP Chapter as well as a member of her local Los Angeles and Orange County chapters. In her spare time when she isn't writing you can find her moderating on SavvyAuthors.com or hanging out with her husband, four children and her English Bulldog, rabbit, two bearded dragons, and two tortoises. The escaped snake has yet to be found.

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  1. Thanx so much for the spotlight and the review! I'm glad you liked Snow and Sage's story. Have a wonderful weekend!