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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Alpha & Omega! 5 Star Review & Giveaway! by @KristiWebster @IndieSagePromo

AlphaOmegaTour Alpha and Omega by K Webster Alpha and Omega #1 Publication Date: February 16, 2015 Genres: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance
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For six years, a tough wannabe guardian angel named Alpha has worked hard to prove his worth at HEA Corp. His partner, Omega, has been with him every step of the way. Known affectionately by the other ladies in their sector as Hottie and Dreamy, they’re the dynamic duo and a sure bet to become Seraph Guardians and get their wings. The elite SG protect the good souls of Earth from meeting untimely deaths.
Currently, Alpha and Omega are Minders who protect the not so innocent until HEL Enterprises, HEA’s sister company, sends their Reapers to collect what’s theirs. As training ends, the partners are made aware of their final assignment. Lark Miller. Alpha has read her file—she’s the worst of the worst—a drug addict loser with a dark, hidden past. On his final assignment, not only do they change the rules of the game by stripping these Minders of their powers and extending the terms of their protection, but they also send in one of HEL’s top Levarthians, a spicy Latina named Lovenia, to shake things up. Alpha and Omega know they have to keep their heads in the game and their hearts free from distraction. But what happens when a Minder develops feelings for the one they’re supposed to protect? What happens when the rules become unclear and things aren’t what they seem? Will Alpha and Omega fly through this one last challenge and fulfill their destiny? Or is there a warm place waiting in the basement of HEL just for them should they fail?
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I have never read anything by K. Webster that I haven’t loved, but Alpha & Omega is one of her best creations yet! This book is incredibly unique and creative, I was absolutely enthralled from the first second. In this paranormal romance, the author took the idea of angels, Heaven, & Hell, and built a world that I could almost believe existed!
Alpha is just as his name suggests. He’s strong in body and personality, determined, and focused on doing his job. And yet, there is a soft and compassionate side that hints at a mystery behind him, something we are desperate to discover. The dry wit and repartee between Alpha and his partner Omega, had me laughing. They are given a final test to join an elite force of guardian angels and their assignments are the most challenging of their existence…that they can remember, of course. Alpha is given the task of keeping a disturbed young woman alive. He is given restrictions that make his job all that much harder, but his attraction to her is a major problem. To make matters more complicated, Alpha begins to have memories of his previous life, which is a big no-no.
Lark is a dark and devastated young woman. Tragedy surrounds her life and to be honest, with what she has lost, I can’t say I wouldn’t have traveled down her destructive path as well. My first reaction to her was certainly not to love her. However, I saw immediately that she was broken, and my compassion for her gave way to like eventually. She also possesses a sarcastic humor that is razor sharp and at times, very amusing.
Lark and Alpha learn more about each other and they find a surprisingly deep connection with each other. But, the rules of Alpha’s job and the temptations placed in their way the one determined to see them fail, stack the odds against them.
This book is an intense read, full of angst, intrigue, and passion. The secondary characters are just as compelling and complex as Lark and Alpha. The weave the structure of the story, and give the plot depth. You’ll love to hate, Love (pun intended). You’ll be intrigued and repelled by Luc all at the same time. Alpha’s superiors seem good, but are so confusing. Omega is easy to love and his story begins in Alpha & Omega, but will be completed in Omega & Love.
This book is definitely a must read! If you’ve never read anything by K. Webster, this is a fabulous place to start! There aren’t enough stars to give for this book! 

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