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Friday, March 20, 2015

Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway! Fever by @Jamiekswriter @TastyBookTours

Club Inferno # 3
By: Jamie K. Schmidt
Releasing March 17th, 2015

Readers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You will savor a visit to Club Inferno, the erotic playground where glitz and glamour mix with leather and whips.

Deep in the shadows of her exclusive fashion resort, Couture, Colleen Bryant presides over a much more intimate world: Club Inferno. The successful businesswoman and sex instructor has built an empire that caters to the BDSM elite, but now she finds herself longing for something a bit more ordinary: a man to love. She’s not sure how to find someone who will accept what she does for a living—or the kinks that drive her wild—until her old flame, ex-pro football player Chase Fairwood, comes back in her life.

There’s no woman as hot, sexy, or exciting as Colleen—and Chase knows it. He also knows he’s man enough to play her games, and to give as good as he gets. His return to Club Inferno reignites Colleen’s scorching demands, along with a new determination to test his resolve. Soon he’s competing against a rival Dom to brand Colleen as his own. But Chase has a secret weapon: the burning desire to offer his body—and his heart—in sweet surrender.

Fever is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

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“I don’t want to be a sports announcer,” Chase said, shifting so his bad knee was at a better angle. “Doing the convention circuit gets a little old. I don’t have the chops to coach professionally. There’s not much else. I was an athlete. It was all I ever wanted to be. I didn’t bother to train in anything else. I got a free ride in college and was one of the first picked in the draft. I majored in communication, but that was so long ago everything is obsolete.”
Colleen nodded at him to go on. None of this was news to her. “You could go back to college. Get another degree.”
“In what?” Chase scoffed. He got up from the chair and headed over to the minibar set up in the corner. He had a slight limp she’d never noticed before. Colleen frowned and looked away, bothered that she cared.
“You could do security. You’re big enough to be a bouncer. I wouldn’t want to tangle with you.”
“I’m a lover, not a fighter.”
Colleen snorted.
“Besides,” he continued, “I’m an easy target. All it would take is a hard shot to my knee, and ‘Timber!’ You got any beer?” Chase peered around the bar top.
“In the fridge.”
“Sweet.” He pulled out a bottle from one of the local microbreweries. He handed her another diet cola and she took it, making sure their fingers didn’t touch.
“Get a degree in anything you want.” Colleen tossed him a bottle opener from her desk drawer. “Law, business—hell, why not pre-med? You could go for a degree in sports medicine.”
“I’m too old for that shit.” He winged the bottle cap into the trash and took a long pull.
“Yeah, you’re ancient.”
“You like older men.” Chase sat back down and threw her a smoky look that was just fringed with anger.
“Is that a shot at my husband?” Colleen’s fingers itched for her riding crop.
“Why did you leave Vegas to go with him?”
Interesting. He’d never asked that question before. Had always danced around it. They were finally going to get into it. Colleen cracked her knuckles.
Let’s finish this. Once and for all.
“I wanted to.” Colleen shrugged. “He was good to me.”
Chase’s fingers tightened on the bottle and she thought for a minute there was going to be glass all over the floor, but he eased up. “It hadn’t even been a month.”
“A month since you cheated on me with half the cheerleading squad.” Coleen stabbed a finger in his direction.
“You cheated first.” He leaned in over the desk, gently placing the bottle down.
“I did not,” she shrieked in outrage, and slammed her fist on the desk.
Chase rescued the bottle before it toppled over and took another swig. “Whatever.”
“No, not whatever,” Colleen shouted. “You brought it up. Finish your bullshit line of logic.” She was nearly blind with apoplexy. How dare he? How fucking dare he accuse her of that bullshit? She had been stupidly head-over-heels in love with him. Chase had been on the road with the team more often than he’d been in Vegas with her, and she’d never strayed. Not once. She hadn’t ever been tempted. “Just because you have the morals of an alley cat, don’t paint me with the same brush.”
Easing back into his chair, he stared over her head out the floor-to-ceiling window. “Forget it.”
“I never slept with anyone else while we were together.”
“What about other things?” He put his left hand on his chest and did a Bill Clinton voice. “I did not have sexual relations with anyone.”
“What the hell are you talking about, Chase?” Colleen resisted the urge to chuck the can of soda at his head.
“I saw you,” he snarled, lunging across the desk so they were almost nose to nose.
“Saw me what?” She got right into his face and stared him down. Uh-oh. They were close enough to kiss. But what she wanted to do was nip at his lower lip, pull his hair, and go tumbling to the floor with him. This wasn’t good.
“My buddies and I went to Miranda’s Midnight House of Pain.”
Colleen blinked. “Oh.” She sank back into her chair, stunned. Not what she had been expecting him to say.
“Yeah.” Chase gave a half laugh, returning to his own seat. “Oh.” He swigged down some more beer.

“What does that have to do with anything?” She wasn’t sure why he thought that had been cheating. The men hadn’t been allowed to touch her. She had always been fully dressed—unlike the cocktail waitresses.

Guest Post
Gimme Some Sugar, Baby!
Jamie K. Schmidt

Even if you’re not an Ash fan from Army of Darkness, the phrase “Gimme Some Sugar” is sure to put a smile on your face, if you think of your grandmother or another kindly relative saying it to you while squishing your face while you try to squirm away.  Or maybe sugar to you is a sweet candy instead of affection, and the smile comes from thinking (or indulging) in a favorite dessert or snack.
It’s very close to the Easter holidays and the Cadbury mini eggs (the ones with the hard candy shells) are my Kryptonite.  Luckily, I’m not a fan of the gooey Cadbury crème eggs because I heard a rumor ::whispers::  they changed the recipe!  But I saw on a Google search there is a way to make them at home.  I didn’t click the link because I knew that way led to madness and I’d wind up spending hours on Pinterest.  (Oh, who am I kidding? I clicked the link and posted it on Facebook.  If I’m going down, you’re all coming with me.)
I’m still reeling from Valentine’s Day from the candy, so I’m trying to cut down on the sweets.  But I found a really easy and quick recipe that lets me experience the candy sensation without those pesky calories.  It’s a sugar scrub that you slather on your hands as an exfoliate.  It really softens the skin and it smells great.  I keep a pretty jar by the sink and every time I wash my hands, I scoop out a bit and rub it over my hands before rinsing it off.  You can also use it in the shower on your elbows and knees if they’re feeling a little winter weary. 
Fever Sugar Scrub
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • 2/3 cup of grapeseed oil (You can also use olive oil, but grapeseed oil is cheaper)
  • 3-10 drops of vanilla essential oil.  (You can use any scent, but I like the vanilla because it reminds me of baked goods and it’s easy to find.  The more drops, the stronger the scent.  If you’re feeling daring and can find it, White Musk essential, is amazingly sexy – if you like that fragrance.  The Body Shop has an eau de toilette and Jovan, back in the day rocked that scent also.)
Get a jar with a lid.  You can do a mason jar or any recycled container.  You want something you can fit your fingers in for scooping it out purposes.  But you can also use a spoon to get the scrub out.
Pour in the sugars and stir to mix.  Pour in the oil.  Mix it all together.  It shouldn’t be too wet, but you want the sugars to clump together instead of each grain being separate.  It’s a forgiving recipe.  Feel free to add more sugar, oil, or fragrance until you get it right.  A tablespoon per use on your hands is enough, but you won’t harm anything if you take more or less.
And now that your hands are nice and soft and sweet, wrap them around my new release, Fever.  It’s the third book in my Club Inferno series.

Author Info 
USA Today Bestselling author, Jamie K. Schmidt is a hybrid author who has over thirty short stories published in small press and ezines, and a variety of novellas and books online. Her Club Inferno series from Random House has been in Amazon's top 100 ebooks sold and Barnes and Noble's top 10. She has a dragon paranormal romance series at Entangled Publishing. Book one of the Emerging Queens series is The Queen's Wings.

Jamie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz in Secondary Education English, which is a fancy way of saying she went to college to teach high school English. When that didn't pan out, she worked as a call center manager, a Tupperware consultant, a paralegal, and finally a technical writer for a major conglomerate company. She is an active member in the Romance Writers of America (RWA). When not writing, Jamie relaxes with a mug of hot tea and knits or makes beaded jewelry. 

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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