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Friday, March 6, 2015

Tour Guest Post & Giveaway! The Chalice of Kari by @CahiraODonnell @InkSlingerPR

Better to Die

Exploited by the government for her psychic gifts, Kahara Mitchell has unwittingly been trained as a deadly assassin. Unwilling to be used to kill innocents, she goes AWOL until her journey ends with her dying – buried under rubble in the wake of a tsunami. At her darkest hour, Lords Rom and Rah Andor, mirror twins from another galaxy rescue her – taking her to their intergalactic fleet where they heal and court her, determined to make her their own.  

To Die For

Karinian Lords, Rom and Rah Andor are the co-ruling kings of the entire Daguronian Sector. They have waited over nine hundred years to find their destined mate. Now the two gigantic alien warriors must win Kahara’s love and willingness to bond, or die trying. Conspiracies abound to sabotage the triad union in an attempt to destroy the brothers and take down House Kari.

The Mission

The royal triad is prophesized to be the powerful force uncovering an ancient exploitive system that has driven many races to near extinction. But to do so, the protective brothers must allow their beloved mate to endanger herself as she uses her gifts fighting by their side in a war that determines the destiny of galaxies.

Guest Post

The Chalice of Kari
The Daguronian Chronicles: Book 1
Cahira O’Donnell

I am often asked how I ended up writing Paranormal/Science Fiction Romance. While I confess to being an old vintage “Trekkie,” long before Star Trek was released I devoured all the Science Fiction novels I could find. I have always loved reading, and my introduction to the romantic genre began when I was a young mother with limited funds. My stepfather (of all people) loved to read romance novels. He would pass them to me and I would read them in the evenings after my children were in bed.
I was born sensitive. In later years I came to recognize that I am psychic. I believe many of us are psychic without knowing it. When paranormal romance made the scene, I found great comfort in reading about others like myself, and exploring the “farfetched” possibilities of my “gift.”
Cahira O’Donnell is a pen name. In my other life, I am a certified instructor of the shamanic arts, the founder/director of a certified occupational school of the shamanic arts for which I have written all the texts and programs, and a published author in the esoteric/spiritual/self-help genre. Imagine my surprise when I started dreaming of alpha alien heroes from other galaxies and courageous psychic heroines. Soon my daydreams as well as nights became filled with these unlikely characters and their stories.
I recorded The Chalice of Kari as it was narrated to me in my dreams. The psychic Earth woman, Kahara, and the Daguronian mirror twins, Lords Rom and Rah Andor, started visiting as I slept. They became as real to me as anyone in day to day life.  
In the evenings, instead of settling in with a good book as was my habit, I found myself with a laptop recording the lives and adventures of Kahara and her destined mates as they had come to me the night before.
The writing style was very different from my non-fiction works. There was no outline or pre-thought story line – no beginning, middle or end until it had been written. Every evening I would be as excited to see what would happen next as if I were simply a reader rather than the author. I had no problem developing the characters or having them hold true to their nature. They already were alive and whole.

The adventure goes on as the events and supporting characters from The Chalice have continued to develop into additional books lining up to follow.  I had never considered writing romance anything more than a fascinating pastime. The thought of publishing the books never entered my mind, yet soon I found I had accumulated quite a collection of stories demanding to be shared. The Chalice of Kari became the first novel in the Daguronian Chronicles – the characters like old friends I visit in my dreams. I secretly wonder if they don’t really exist somewhere and I was just fortunate enough to tap into their story.
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Having been brought up overseas and living with local families in many cultures, Cahira O’Donnell has a rich history to draw upon. Throughout her life and her travels she has been a dedicated student of shamanism and an explorer of the esoteric realms. Being psychic herself, Cahira’s real-life experiences with the supernatural infuses her paranormal romance writing with profound accuracy.
Armed with her history, combined with a degree in Psychology and a deep understanding of human nature, Cahira creates stories that are engaging, dynamic, realistic and boldly erotic.
Cahira now lives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado where she enjoys a quiet home, beautiful scenery and immersing herself in the art of storytelling.

To learn more about Cahira and her novels visit: www.cahiraodonnell.com.
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  1. Dear Books Need TLC,
    You have a beautiful Blog site! Thank you so much for featuring my latest book: the Chalice of Kari.
    I wish you well in all your endeavors.
    Cahira O'Donnell