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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

5* #Review #Giveaway #Excerpt Strike by @HeatherLeigh_8 @RSofRomance

Meet Dax & Kate in the newest standalone in the Sphere of Irony Series.

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Dax Davies has one job to fulfill in the Davies household. Earn money at the family business. The problem is that the family business was illegal underground fighting.

From a young age, Dax and his brothers are groomed to become money earners in their father's club. Broken bones and bruises are commonplace. Their father pits the brothers against each other to 'toughen them up' for the ring, using his rules to bend his sons to his will. His future is in the cage, not on stage where he dreams of making music.

Kate Campbell loves one thing in life. Well, two. Soccer and Dax Davies. Growing up in the poorest part of London, soccer is her personal escape from reality and from the fact that Dax doesn't seem to know she exists. She figures if she can be good enough at soccer, maybe she can get away from Hackney, and leave the poverty behind.

Kate doesn't plan on ever getting to know Dax as more than a passing acquaintance. In fact, she isn't meant to go with her friend to Dax's father's business, but that one night changes everything.
***This is book 2 in the Sphere of Irony Series. It can be read as a standalone. This is a spin-off of the Famous Series***
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Review- 5 Stars
This was a first read for me by Heather C. Leigh and I have to say I am hooked. I was worried that being the second book in the series that I would be lost starting with book 2, but that was so not the case. I started reading and never felt like I was missing anything. This book covers a broad spectrum of time with the characters, but Heather has a way of making it flow and you not even realize that the story covers that much time at all.

Dax is a young man that was brought up fighting in his dad's underground fighting ring. Dax's father had no remorse for him or any of Dax's 3 brothers. He raised them to live by his rules and they all knew that they better not break them because they would have to pay for it later. Dax was determined to get out from under his dad as soon as he could so when he was 18, he moved from their little rundown town in London to the U.S. Dax and his best mate, Adam made their way by playing in a band with 2 American's. They played in numerous bars hoping that one day they would get their big break.

Kate and Dax grew up together, but Kate thought that she was never pretty enough to catch the attention of Dax while they were in school. To her dismay, Dax was very aware of her but just never paid any attention to his attraction to Kate. Once he acted on his feelings for Kate, there was an unmistakable connection between the two. Kate was offered a scholarship at a college in the U.S. so she moved to the states around the same time as Dax. Dax and his band get their big break and start to become famous. Kate and Dax keep in touch and get to know each other a little better until Kate's first roommate squeezes her way between Kate and Dax, even though Dax had no interest in her. Kate wanted to listen to her heart but the tabloid pictures and news clips that she sees make her believe otherwise.

Kate and Dax stop talking to each other and actually have several on and off moments in their relationship that make them realize how much they mean to each other. After Dax makes Kate miss out on playing in one of her most important games of her career as a college player in soccer, he realizes that his popularity with the band is no good for Kate and he breaks things off with her. I so wanted to punch Dax for doing this and tell him not to let her slip through his hands. They made such a great couple and were so good for each other that I was rooting for them the whole time. Dax continues to keep tabs on Kate but never makes contact again with her. Laila, the roommate continues to cause problems and stalk Dax even though he always tells her to get lost. She never takes the hint and does everything in her power to make it look like they are in a relationship.

Dax and Kate end up going their own way. When Kate gets picked up for the Olympic team from the UK, no one ever dreamed that Dax and her paths would cross again. For me, I was so excited!!! LOL. I love how Heather kept you so drawn into this story. I zipped right through this one in no time. So glad that there was a HEA as well. Thanks Heather for a great read and look forward to more from you!
*Review by Melanie Hutchinson
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Excerpt. Dax and Kate's 1st kiss. Kate's POV.

Before I can blink, Dax’s huge, calloused hands are framing my face and his mouth brushes across mine. At first it’s just a whisper, a tease, the contact barely there. Then, I hear him inhale sharply and his lips press down forcefully, melding with mine, urging me to open up with quick flicks of his tongue. I melt against his solid body as he dominates the kiss, completely under his spell to do with as he wishes. It seems to go on and on—a small slice of paradise in this blighted spot of East London.
When he finally pulls back, greedily stealing a few more nips at my mouth, he closes his eyes and moans. “I knew you’d taste like heaven. You’re an angel, I just knew it.” His voice is so quiet I wonder if he meant to say it out loud.
Naturally, I stand there like an idiot, saying nothing… doing nothing. I’ve been kissed into complete stupidity.
Dax swipes the pad of his thumb over my damp lips. “See you at school tomorrow.” Without giving me a single hint of what he’s thinking, he turns and leaves. I touch my mouth, running a finger over the same spot Dax touched. My heart leaps into my throat, fluttering so fast I fear it may explode.
Great. I’m ruined. My first kiss and it was nothing less than brilliant. Dax Davies just ruined me for every other man from now until the day I die.

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About the Author:
Heather C Leigh
heather c leigh bio.jpg
After growing up in New England, I currently live just outside Atlanta, GA.
I love the Red Sox and hate the Yankees.
I love hot, sexy romance novels, but hate long, drawn out misunderstandings as a plot line.
I love book series, but hate cliffhangers.
I love alpha males, but hate when they borderline on abusive.
Mostly? I love love love chocolate.

Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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