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Thursday, June 25, 2015

#NewRelease #Review #Giveaway Light Me Up by @ksorensenbooks @InkSlingerPR

Today is the release day for Karla Sorensen’s Light Me Up!! I am so excited to share this sexy romance with you! Karla is sharing an exclusive excerpt and giveaway with us! Check it all out!!
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Light Me Up Synopsis:
For Rachel Hennessy, it’s been an interesting six months. Boyfriend? Cheated on her. Job? She totally just got fired. Starting her own wedding planning business sounds exciting … in theory. In reality, it’s completely terrifying. And on top of all that, the freaking cherry right on top? She just had an ill-timed, alcohol-instigated one-night stand with her bff Casey’s brother, Tate. Yeah, that Tate. The one that she’s had a teensy, inconvenient crush on for years.   But nothing about it is ill-timed or inconvenient for Tate Steadman. Because he finally feels free. Free of the oppressive relationship he’d been in for the past six years. Free to pursue Rachel, because one alcohol-fueled night was not even close to enough for him. He just wished she saw it that way. Because she makes him want more than he ever knew he was capable of.   When their one night has unexpected consequences, Rachel has no clue how to trust that he’s not just trying to be ‘the good guy’ who wants to do ‘the right thing’. And even though the chemistry between them practically burns down an entire city block when they’re together, she doesn’t know how to let down the concrete wall she’s built up around herself.   The ‘mistake’ of one evening can change the trajectory of two lives, but maybe a mistake is all they really need to push them right into true love.
 Light Me Up is a 90k word humorous contemporary romance with a moderate heat level, and is second in a series of standalones. 

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Review 4 Stars
Rachel is a young lady working a really good job with a catering company, but her boss is always looking over her shoulder making sure she is doing everything right and not even saying one cross word to their clients. When Rachel is meet with one of their most challenging people she could possibly face, she is unable to hold her tongue and gets herself fired. Rachel decides that she is in need of a good bar night so makes her way down to the local bar and drinks the night away. When Tate, Rachel's best friend's brother, is sent by his mother to follow Rachel and check on her after her being fired, they both never imagined how the night would end for both of them. When Rachel wakes up in Tate's bed all she can think of is how she is going to tell her best friend that she slept with her brother. She tries to sneak away without Tate knowing with no luck. Tate wakes up and wonders why Rachel is trying to sneak away without even talking to him and avoid the next morning confrontation. Tate has no remorse for what happened the night before, he actually feels like he has just found his one and only soul connection. Rachel wants to get away as fast as she can and never look back.

After a few weeks of being exhausted, which she thought was from starting up her own planning/catering business, Rachel is slapped in the face with another possibility for her exhaustion. When she finally figures out the real reason for her exhaustion, she is shocked but also accepts that she is pregnant with Tate's baby. Rachel knows that she has to tell Tate first so that they can decide what they are going to do about telling their families. Rachel tells Tate about the baby and of all times for an ex-girlfriend to call, it was right after she told him and she ends up storming out of his office due to pregnancy hormones. Rachel has been on an emotional roller coaster since finding out she is pregnant and experiencing emotions that she never has before.

Tate does his best to make things right with Rachel and actually goes out of his way to help her and make her feel comfortable about the whole situation. Tate is not afraid to show Rachel how he feels about her but Rachel is reserved and tries to fight her feelings so much! Rachel has to think so hard about any decision she makes concerning Tate and it sort of broke my heart for Tate. When do you actually find a man that is so ready to do anything and everything he can to make his one night stand feel loved and comfortable in an awkward situation.

When Tate buys a gorgeous house and shows it to Rachel, it is not to flaunt it in front of her, but to ask her to move in with him. Rachel has her reservations again but living with her parent's is getting old really fast. Rachel weighs the pros and cons of moving in with Tate and eventually sees that it would be a good move for her and the baby.

Tate and Rachel are a couple that makes you root for them no matter what. I so wanted Rachel to wake up and realize what a good man she had in Tate. The way that he reacts to hearing the heartbeat of the baby for the first time, feeling the baby move for the first time, and actually holding the baby just makes your heart melt and love him that much more. I love that this story ended in a HEA for this couple but I was sure wondering!! It took lots and lots for this couple to get to the HEA but when they both realize that it is meant to be, they can somehow believe that love conquers all I think. This was a great heartwarming read for me and I can't wait to read more from Karla soon!!

*Review by Melanie Hutchinson

Exclusive Excerpt: 

"Best get caught up, little girl. That shot isn't going to drink itself." She turned towards him and arched one brow. "Little girl?" "You're what? Six years younger than me and about a foot shorter. I'd say that's accurate." Rachel crossed her legs, and the way that they had lights mounted underneath the bar top only served to highlight her smooth skin capped by dangerous looking heels. She picked up her second shot glass, clicked it against one of his empty ones, and tossed it back. She blew out a breath and he caught a whiff of the Southern Comfort. "I get what you're trying to do, Tate. Be a peach and go work your mind tricks somewhere that's not by me." "No tricks, I promise." She scoffed. "So, what kind of shot was that?" he asked when she didn't respond. "It's called a Short Southern Screw. Seemed appropriate tonight." His confusion must have read on his face, because she rolled her eyes. "My boss ... well, former boss, Deidre, is quite the southern belle. And considering my impending unemployment, I most definitely got screwed. But I'd wager a guess that you already knew that, judging by your presence at this fine establishment that you would probably normally never step foot in." Tate was surprised that she brought up her firing so easily. Letting her statement pass for the moment, he flagged down the bartender again, who'd moved down the length of the bar to try his luck with a pair of coeds that had parked themselves on some stools a ways down. "And you accuse me of being judgmental. You don't think this is my kind of place?" She turned towards him finally, her cheeks holding a slight flush from the back to back shots. He had to shift his eyes away from her face because of how good it looked on her. Your sister's best friend. Your sister's best friend. He chanted it over and over in his head, to absolutely no avail. "This is so not your kind of place. Because people only come here for two reasons: to get wasted and try to sweat out everything they've imbibed on that dance floor or make conversation where the most substantial thing that gets said is 'Your place or mine?'" Tate laughed, because she was absolutely right, and then handed the bartender his credit card, motioning for him to start a tab. He pushed a glass towards her, and picked up one of his own. "Fair enough, I wouldn't normally come to a place like this. I like it though, it was a good choice." He looked around, and then landed back on where she watched him with a speculative look on her face. "What are we toasting to?" She blinked a few times, her hazel eyes burning in the dark atmosphere. "To being pleasantly surprised." They clicked glasses, and the only time she moved her eyes from his was to flick down to his mouth when he lowered his empty shot glass. And he felt that look like she'd dragged a lit match down his spine.

  Karla Sorensen Bio:
11005138_727640424010827_33189197_nKarla Sorensen has been an avid reader her entire life, and not long after the purchase of her first e-reader, she realized that it would probably be cheaper to just write out her own happily-ever-after stories. It doesn’t take much to keep her happy … a book, a glass of moscato, and at least thirty minutes of complete silence every day. She still keeps her toes in the world of health care marketing, where she made her living pre-babies. Now she stays home, writing and mommy-ing full time (this translates to almost every day being a ‘pajama day’ at the Sorensen household…don’t judge). She lives in West Michigan with her husband, two exceptionally adorable sons and their German Shepherd, who is not nearly as well trained as the one in her first book.

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