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Friday, July 31, 2015

5* #Review #Giveaway Endless Fate by @AliciaRaeAuthor @InkSlingerPR

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Endless Fate Synopsis:
Book Three in the Fate for Love Series

Colton Kingston is set on rebuilding his ranch to what it once was before his livelihood was diminished to a pile of ashes from a revengeful dark act of arson. His brothers at heart are there with him every step of the way to help pick up the pieces of the old and replace them with the new.

Paige Summers finds her inner strength to battle through her burdens of taking another person’s life. Standing in her rightful place by Colton’s side, she’s finally holding her own and living her dream of training horses.

Together, Colton and Paige have endured their fair share of obstacles and tragedies, and it has only made them stronger. With Hank Ulrich out of their lives, Colton is determined to make Paige, the girl he’s loved since he was five years old, his wife—forever.

But as one door closes, another opens, and a new danger is lurking in the shadows, threatening to stand in their way.

Will Colton and Paige’s love be endless, the way it was always meant to be? Or will a new devastation fall upon them and ruin theirfate?

*Contains Mature Content*

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Review- 5 Stars
OMGoodness!! I was shocked by this one!! I had no idea what to expect because I have not read the first two books in this series. I did not expect to be blown away like I was with how Alicia Rae made an Alpha Cowboy that totally made you weak in the knees for him. Colton was super yummy and I love the way that he treated Paige. (Totally reminded me of my hubby!!) Colton would do anything and everything for Paige to keep her happy and to make her love for him grow and grow.

Paige is just coming off of having been in a horrible situation of having to choose to end someones life in self defense and i personally think that this would be one of the hardest decisions to make and deal with. I have often thought what I would do and I am sure that I would react the same way that Paige did but you know that there are some repercussions from that decision that you have to live with. Colton and Paige have been together since they were 5 and pretty much knew that they were going to marry each other, it was just a matter of when was the perfect time for that to happen. I now understand the title Endless Fate after having read about all that Colton and Paige have had to go through and how fate just keeps throwing them curve balls. I am so glad that they were able to make it through the rough patches in their lives and find their way back to each other.

I love how Paige and Colton have their own place already with their own horses that they train. Just the way that these two interact with each other makes you realize the kind of love that they have for each other is one of a kind. I fell in love with this couple and the way that Colton would do anything to protect Paige and was so in tune to her feelings and what she was going through.

Thanks Alicia Rae for giving us a good cowboy/cowgirl story that had a very HEA for these two. I am so excited to go back and read the first two books now!! I can't wait for what we can see from Alicia in the future as well. Such a great story and easy reading!!
*Review by Melanie Hutchinson
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Alicia Rae Bio:
Displaying 5889106.jpgAlicia Rae is a Contemporary Romance Author who lives in Dekalb, Illinois, with her husband and three beautiful boys. Alicia has a passion for reading all types of romance, writing to bring a story to life, and photography.
Thank you to my dear sister, Kels, who showed me a few years ago how much I truly missed reading. And to my loving husband, for not throwing away my Nook, and planting the seed of writing in my mind. I am forever grateful. Xo
Readers, words cannot thank you enough for supporting me along this incredible journey. I hope you enjoy my novels as much as I do writing them. I thank each and every one of you.
Believe in yourself and follow your dreams...

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