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Monday, October 5, 2015

5* #Review #Giveaway Never Say Never by Emily Goowin @BTSPromosPR

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Title: Never Say Never
Author: Emily Goodwin
Genre: Full length, stand-alone contemporary romance
Release Date: September 28, 2015
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My life was full of nevers.
It was never supposed to go this way. I was never supposed to lose Mom so soon. I was never supposed to worry about making ends meet, to worry about losing the farm. I never thought I’d be working a job I hate, with a boss who was more interested in what was under my shirt than in my head. Saving neglected and abused horses had been my whole life. It was my reprieve, my sanity, my last saving grace in a cruel world. I never thought I’d grow to resent it, but I guess there is a first for everything.
Then I met him.
The Hollywood playboy. The entitled, cocky asshole that I can’t get out of my head. I never thought there could be more to him than sex appeal and an infamous reputation of loving and leaving. I never thought I’d fall for him, put my heart on the line, and risk letting him completely destroy me.
But you know what they tell you…never say never.
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Review - 5 Stars
5 Amazing stars!!

I love Emily's writing and was super excited to see this new one coming out about horses. I love horses too!! Emily did not disappoint with this story and you can tell in her writing that this is a story that was very close to her heart. The cover and everything about this book is gorgeous!

Haley and her mom are on a road trip to help some neglected/abused horses. When they pull up, they see that the barn is on fire and hear the cries of the horses. Haley immediately goes into the barn to try and help the horses but her mom tries to stop her. When her mom hears the cries of the horses as well, they both go in and get the horses that they can. Haley had no idea that this night would change her life forever. She lost her mom that night and blames herself for it.

When Aiden is in the same town as where Haley lives to film a movie, they happen to run into each other. When they have dinner at a small hole in the wall diner that Haley knows about, Aiden tells her that he is going to blame her if he gets sick from eating there. There is something there between Aiden and Haley but with Haley having so many flashbacks of the fire and trouble with blaming herself for what happened to her mom, they both sort of ignore the sparks and focus on getting through the meal together. When Haley has a break down, she just know that Aiden will go running away and not have anything to do with her again. Just the opposite happens and Aiden is set on helping Haley get through this rough time in her life. Aiden also has his ghosts that Haley soon learns about that she has to help him with as well. They are perfect for each other because they both need someone to help them that understands what the other is going through.

Aiden is such a star that paparazzi and his followers are always around. Haley is afraid that when they see Aiden with her that she will embarrass him but Aiden does not care and he also thinks that Haley is beautiful!! Aiden and Haley become close pretty fast and when Aiden has to go away for some business, being away from Haley drives him crazy and he goes to his ghosts to get help.

Thank goodness this ends in a HEA for the both Aiden and Haley and I am so glad that it did. These two so deserved a break after all they have been through. Haley is Aidens rock and Aiden is there for Haley as well. They make such a good couple and I am so glad that Aiden went for the backwoods country girl that truly stole his heart. Thanks Emily for such a sweet story that was written with so much heart and soul! I can't wait for more from you!
*Review by Melanie H
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  “I dreamed about you,” she whispers. I can hear other people talking around her and remember she’s at work. “A sex dream, right?” I say with a smirk. “If it was, I wouldn’t tell you,” she says, and I can tell she’s smiling. “Then I know it was one. Was I good in this dream? I gotta know so I can live up to your expectations.” “There you go, being presumptuous again,” she laughs. “Maybe,” I say. “Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.” She was a fan before we met. Has she thought about fucking me before? Becoming a sex icon is weird. Don’t get me wrong, I love it at times. But it’s fucking weird to know that women all over the world fantasize about me solely based on my looks and the little bit of personality they see during interviews, and it’s all fake anyway. “I have very high standards,” she jokes. “Dream or no dream.” “I always please, multiple times. And I have dreamed about it. More than once.” “You did not just say that!” she exclaims, and I smile as I imagine the look on her face. “You are a little cocky, ya know.” “There’s nothing little about my cock.” She just laughs. “We’ll see about that. Oh my God, no, no—I didn’t mean—oh shit,” she stammers, and I laugh even harder. “Friday,” she says. “Where are we going?” “I don’t care,” I say honestly. “I’m still not sure what to do around here.” “There’s plenty to do by you, in Billings. Here…we have a movie theatre that closes at nine, two diners, one pizza place, and a couple fast food chains. Oh, and a bar, of course.” “How do you live?” She just laughs. “You get used to it, and online shopping is a life saver.” “How’s Aurelia?” I ask before I have to go. “She’s doing pretty well, actually. I think she’s lonely, and I feel bad because I’m gone all day and don’t feel comfortable letting her out when I’m not there. Not yet at least.” “If you could do horse stuff full time, would you?” “God, yes,” she says right away. “That’s what my mom did. But it’s not that easy. Rescues are expensive, and I have vet bills to pay, so I’m stuck here. I refuse to believe it’s forever though.” “I don’t believe it either.” I make a mental note to have Claire look into the expenses of horse rescues. Speaking of Claire, she’s motioning to me. “I have to get back to work,” I tell her. “I’ll call you again. You still have to tell me why you’re having a bad day.” “It’s not so bad anymore,” she says softly. “And I’d like that. Bye, Aiden.”  
About the Author
Emily Goodwin is the author of the twice banned dark romance, STAY, as well as over a dozen other titles. Emily writes all types of romance, from love stories set in the zombie apocalypse to contemporary romances taking place on a western horse ranch. Emily lives in Indiana with her husband, children, and many pets, including a German Shepherd named Vader. When she isn't writing, Emily can be found riding her horses, designing and making costumes, and sitting outside with a good book.
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