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Friday, October 30, 2015

#Review #Giveaway Serendipity Summer by Lori Kozlowski

Serendipity Summer Synopsis:

 Please Note--this book contains some adult language, partial sex scenes, and recommended to readers ages 18+ only.

Displaying unnamed.jpgAnna and her daughter, Katy, are uprooted from their Atlanta home when they become unexpected recipients of Rocky Top Inn, a family estate, in Riverbend Way, Tennessee. Anna loses patience with her ex's demands while being harassed by his fiancee, a bonifide ice queen. The chance for a new beginning draws her into fulfilling an aunt's dying wish while an overwhelming desire for her former boss, Jake Ivers, unravels any doubt that soul mates don't exist.
While traveling through remote parts of the country as a wildlife photographer, Jake Ivers lands an assignment in the small mountain town of Riverbend Way. He soon finds himself wading in way over his head. Becoming the town handyman, consoling his nephew, being targeted by animals and threatened by an old lady with as much money as Bill Gates, was not part of his original plan. To top it off, there's the issue of convincing Anna she has his heart.
Will their friendship last beyond a season or could this summer prove to be a stroke of serendipity?

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Review - 3 Stars 
I enjoyed this story. It was cute and sweet.  It takes place in a small town and includes the all of the drama and perks of small town life. Serendipity Summer is a  romance that displays sensuality mixed with humor and light drama.

Anna is a single mother of a pre-teen. She inherits a bed and breakfast and decides to try to make it successful. She and her daughter up root their lives to try to make a better future. The last thing that Anna expects is to run into the man who stole her heart five years ago.

Jake is a successful business man who has a passion for photography. He is successful but unhappy with his career. He decides to take life by the horns and do what he loves. When he runs into Anna five years later he is still successful and has achieved most of his dreams. 

There was a lot missing from this story for me. I was intrigued at the beginning and was looking forward to getting to  know the characters. Only that never happened. Their initial connection was built in the prologue.The next thing that I knew it was five years later and the scene was set for the characters to meet again. 

I kept feeling like I skipped pages or was missing something. I didn't get any real foundation for me to grasp on to.

The idea is sweet and beyond romantic but I didn't have enough to feel for the characters. I didn't connect with the hero or the heroine.

Anna was an amazing mother but you only see her interact with her daughter a few times. James loves photography but you don't get to see it in action. Over all it was a nice story but I needed more.

*3 Serendipity Stars!*
*Review by Jessica W.

Laurie Kozlowski Bio:

Laurie Kozlowski resides in Northeast Georgia with her daughter and husband. Having small town roots, she’s intrigued with the charm, drama, and humor of the south, often weaving those themes into the fiction she writes. Her first contemporary romance book, Serendipity Summer, is the first of four books in the Riverbend Way Series. The Riverbend Way Series is contemporary small-town romance fiction. The series touches on serious modern day issues, a twist of earthy and sometimes bawdy humor, and a heavy dose of love. Laurie enjoys incorporating family-centered themes and stories including friendship, hope, and healing. When not writing, she loves to make music and jewelry, picnic near the river, or catch the latest comedy or drama flick at a local cinema. She hangs out mostly on Twitter @LaurieKozlowski when she isn’t caring for her daughter, writing, or driving her husband crazy.

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