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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Star #Review ! Walk Through Fire by @KristenAshley68

Walk Through Fire
by Kristen Ashley
Release: Oct 27, 2015
Genre: MC Romance

KA never disappoints me! I am not a fan of MC book, and yet I love the Chaos series! This can absolutely be read as a standalone, although I recommend that you go back and read them all at some point. Just because they are that good!
t was a bit of a rough start for me, but that is a personal thing. It’s rough for the characters too, which is always hard on an empathetic reader. I wasn’t sure if I would end up liking this book, which is shocking to me as its KA. I should have known better.

Millie and Logan (High) had a pretty dreamy start to their relationship. They fell in love the first time they met, despite their young age and differences. There really was no question in their minds that they would live happily ever after. They worked hard and made plans for the future. Then one day, Millie receives some devastating news and she isn’t able to recover from the effect it will have on her relationship with Logan. So, she does what she thinks is best, and pushes him away. I have some experience with the problem Millie faces and I have to say, while I understood her motives, I didn’t agree with them. Such is life though, even characters in a book have their version of free will.

Twenty years go by. Twenty years where neither of them are really living. Logan is filled with animosity and hurt that he can’t let go. But, to a certain extent he makes a life for himself, marrying and having to daughters. Although, as the book begins, he has finally divorced his wife. For Millie, she didn’t even exist to a point where she had a life outside of her home and work. She was surrounded by friends and family, and yet, even in their presence she was isolated, broken by her past.

Circumstances bring the two together again and they make an attempt to heal the wounds caused by each other. It’s not easy when Millie is being used as a pawn by High’s enemy, or the struggle to help High’s daughters accept what is separately happening in the lives of their parents.
Logan and Millie are very strong characters. Millie certainly isn’t a pushover and she stands up for all that she has worked for, refusing to let it go and just fall into the ideal future that High wants. She forces him to compromise and she does the same. She could be so beaten down by the events in the story, but she really does hold her own, especially with the help of family and friends.

Logan is such a contradiction. And yet, the puzzle pieces all fit together seamlessly. He is a biker through and through, but he is capable of such romance, and tenderness, almost poetic in his speech at times. He loves passionately and holds on to what he wants, refusing to accept that there will be any other outcome than the one he wants. Despite his impetuous and passionate nature, Logan has matured and grown to have patience. To step back from a situation and see the smarter play, which is vitally important within the plot.

You can’t help but love these two, rooting for them with everything you’ve got. They deserve to find happiness, they’ve suffered for it, walked through fire for it, and worked for it. As sad as I always am when a book comes to its conclusion, I’m also relieved to see these characters get the HEA they deserve. 

As is always the case, I look forward to seeing a glimpse of these characters again as I continue following the brothers of Chaos.
*Review by Elle C 

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