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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#Review #Giveaway Phoenyx Rising by @KFraserAuthor @HotTreePromos

She will do anything to remember.
He will make sure she forgets.

Title:  Phoenyx Rising
Author:  Kolleen Fraser
Series:  Demigods, book 1
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Release Date:  March 25, 2015

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When Phoenyx Ember woke up in the burning remnants of a crater, she couldn't remember anything except her name. She is haunted by the blackness that envelops her past and the limitless power of fire coursing through her veins. 

She is charged with a crime she doesn't remember committing and shipped to the Academy, a home for the violent offenders and orphaned children of power. 

There, she will fight the darkness inside herself and look for answers to who she is and why her past was erased. 

Some secrets are meant to stay hidden.

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4 Stars

This story was a little hard for me to follow at some points. Maybe it would have helped a little to have a more clearer vision of what the "world" we were following Phoenyx in looked like a little more. That is just my opinion though. 

When we meet Phoenyx, she is a young lady that is waking up in a strange place to her and has no recollection of how she got there or what happened with the murders they are sticking on her. The people think that she is just playing dumb, but she honestly has no idea what they are talking about. When they banish her to an island, Phoenyx has to learn about what her powers are and how to use them. She also has to do a lot of soul searching within herself to figure out who she is exactly as well. 

Phoenyx has to learn who she can trust and who are the people that she needs to stay away from. When she falls in love, one guy ends up breaking her heart only later to come back and steal her away from the guy that has helped her get over that heart break. Phoenyx gets confused and has to figure out what and who she really wants. She has had a rough past with her father being the way he was and causingPhoenyx to have trust issues with people.

Overall, I thought that this story has a little bit of everything- romance, suspense and action. I think Kolleen Fraser is definitely one to watch for with her writing.

Kolleen is a wife, mom, author, beta reader and blogger. When she isn’t making her house a home for her husband and two young children she enjoys reading everything from paranormal to romance to YA and dark stories. But she spends her free time being held hostage by her current work in progress and letting her characters come to life through her words on paper.

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