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Sunday, October 11, 2015

#Excerpt FFire Tablet #Giveaway Limitless by @daniellewritess

 Limitless: The Story of Knox and Emery Jane
Author: Danielle Ione
Publisher: Booktrope Publishing
Date Published: October 1st, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Knox appears to have the perfect life. He’s a photographer, living on the beach in sunny southern California, and a father of an intelligent little boy. Although, not everything is as it seems. Underneath it all, Knox lives a lonely life, filled with meaningless moments leading up to the 60 minutes he spends with his son every day. Until he met Emery Jane. Suddenly, the black and white world he lives in becomes brighter and the void of loneliness disappears. But, Knox holds a secret, one that could crush the promises of a future with the one woman he has grown to love, and the son he would do anything for.

Six years ago, Emery Jane ran. She ran from her past, from the people she loved, the secrets that were buried six feet under, and from her own living, breathing nightmare. Emery Jane longs for a life of normalcy and living in paradise seems like the perfect place to find it. She never expected to meet Knox, or his beautiful little boy, and she certainly didn't expect to love them so fiercely. As she embraces the unexpected she can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, showing her that life doesn't always have to be so unnerving. But Emery Jane knows that with secrets come destruction, and that destruction is knocking on her door.

As their pasts collide, inviting havoc into their lives, their limits are tested as they try to survive. Will the evils that chase them win, bringing everything crashing down around them? Or, can they both fight through the darkness and live a life of happiness?
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THE DAY MY SON was born, my heart became limitless. My heart was fuller than I could have ever imagined, and just when I thought
I had run out of room, it exploded letting that love course through my entire being. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced, and something I would never get used to. The love, the unconditional adoration I felt for him, was enough to flip my world upside down.
I looked at the tiny human I had helped create and everything I knew about life had changed. Suddenly grass was greener, food tasted better, the world was brighter, and everything was…happier. I was no longer focusing on the negatives in life--everything was positive and so full of promise, all because of my little boy. Any ill feelings I had been harboring simply dissipated, making room for all that was Maddox.
I was walking on cloud nine, convinced that from this point on everything was going to be great. My life was going to be perfect; and when it wasn’t, I was going to make the best of it, not just for me, but also for him.
Maddox grabbed my finger with his small hand, something that made my chest clench with tenderness. And I did what I always do when something comes along that I want to remember forever--I burned it in to my memory. Locking it away in that little box in my mind of all the happiest times in my life. Caressing Maddox’s hair, I made him a promise--a promise I intended to keep for the rest of my life.
“I promise to always love you with all that I have to give. I promise to protect you from all of life’s monsters no matter how big or small. And I promise you, baby boy, that I will never stop fighting for you,” I whispered, as I rocked my beautiful son to sleep for the last time.
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About the Author:
I'm a mama of an amazing set of twins, and a wife to a pretty cool dude. I live off of coffee, books, and sarcasm. I mean, there's no other way to live, is there? I'm not a romantic person, not really anyway. So I always find it humorous that I only read and write romance, as if it were ingrained in me. My addiction to reading turned into a love for writing. And in all reality, writing is what keeps me sane. Any spare moment I have in my entirely too crazy life, I spend spilling the words from my head onto paper.

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