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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#NewRelease #Review #Giveaway Fearless by @_BBREID @GiveMeBooksBlog

Title: Fearless
Series: Broken Love #5
Author: B.B. Reid
Genre: New Adult & Romantic Suspense
 Release Date: April 5, 2016


When faced with broken love…

Have you ever had the feeling you were a stranger?
Out of reach, I watched and mourned me.
Nothing moved. Breathed. Nothing lived.
I was in an alternate universe.
No longer an innocent.
I had blood on my hands, and I wasn’t even sorry for it.
I was only afraid for Keiran.
Of his reaction when the shock wore off.
It would be an explosion.
Of hurt, anger, and mistrust.
He’d know I lied.
And to him…
The betrayal born of my good intentions is worse than the act of murder.

…will you succumb to fear…

She was supposed to be my light.
The one who saved me from the monster.
But when I looked in her eyes that day, I didn’t see her.
I only saw my father’s killer.

Her love saved me from the monster.
Mine turned her into one.

…or will you be fearless?

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Review - 4.75 Stars

You were born among monsters, but you were not meant to walk with them.

I highly recommend this series as it is one of my absolute favorite series. This is not a standalone. I am going to try to do this review without spoilers. Bare with me...lol

This book starts off right where book 4 left off. Let me tell you at the end of book 4, I was shocked. Really how does sweet, innocent, easily manipulated Lake do what she did. I had so many questions at the end of book 4 that I was hoping would be answered. Lake and Keiran are both keeping secrets from each other and I was worried that this might be their demise. But these two are obsessed, crazy and feed off each other that they will never part. This was so much a murder mystery/whodunit/mayhem read...you will be reeling from it!

I wanted to conquer him the same way he sought to conquer me.
Lake is badass in this book. She's not the wimpy victim girl who allows Keiran to walk all over her. She is a fighter. It was a nice surprise to see her stick to her guns and be true to herself. I have always enjoyed Lake, but this book just freaking rocked. She was doing what she needed to protect her love. He was all about protecting her, it was her turn to protect him.

I dominated this girl, yet she owned me.  Completely. 

Keiran is a bit different in this. He's a bit vulnerable and I enjoyed seeing this side of him. He of course still has that dominate, rough edge to him, but with Lake he is softer. She is his one, his peace. There are a few scenes that had me swooning hard over him. He is one of my favorite all time characters! She made me want to hurt her and protect her all at once.

Of course, we see our other favorite characters...Keenan/Shelly Dash/Willow. I love the bond these guys all share. Its so awesome to see how they all rally around each other and have each others backs. No one is going to mess with them, unless they want to mess with them all. That is true family, which is exactly what they are.

Everything he does is for you. The moves he makes and doesn't make is all because what he thinks will make him worthy of you. (Dash)

What I didn't like about the book was the ending. I felt satisfied, yet not wholly satisfied. Its hard to explain without spoilers. Some may feel the same and some people won't. However, with that being said, I felt B.B. did a phenomenal job with the overall story and series. What I like most about her writing is she is on point. She describes things in one book in a scene and you forget about it and then when there is a flashback or memory, she gets the details to precision. I love that. Her stories are so enchanting that you get lost and don't ever want to come out of the fog.  B.B. has so much talent and I can't even begin to imagine what goes through her mind to come up the stuff she writes.  I'm excited too see what she does next.

Fearless seems to bring everything full circle and I'm sad that this is the end.  I'm hoping that it's not, but of course there comes a time when you have to end.  This whole series will have you on edge, panting from the hot sex, crying, laughing and swooning.  This will be re-read series for me.  I'm giving this 4.75 Unforgettable Stars!
Review by Heather Driscoll

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Author Bio

B.B., also known as Bebe, found her passion for romance when she read her first romance novel by Susan Johnson at a young age. She would sneak into her mother's closet for books and even sometimes the attic. It soon became a hobby, and later an addiction, influencing her life in a positive way.

Bebe has always wondered about the existence of her talent. When she finally decided to pick up a metaphorical pen and start writing, she found a new way to embrace her passion.

She favors a romance that isn't always easy on the eyes or heart, and loves to see characters grow--characters who are seemingly doomed from the start but find love anyway.

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