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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#NewRelease #Review Ladies Man by @AuthorKatyEvans

★★★★★The Wait is Over! Ladies Man is Live★★★★★



4.5 Stars!!

I don't know where to begin! Katie Evans knows how to make your heat ache, melt you into a romanced puddle of goo, and burn from the chemistry! I absolutely adored the first books in the Manwhore series. I was anxiously awaiting Tahoe and Gina's story. No surprise, Katie doesn't ever disappoint!

Tahoe is broken. It's very clear, but he's also a mystery. More of a manwhore than Saint ever was, for reasons we cannot suspect. What always amazed me about Tahoe was the perfection with which he held on to his mask. If you didn't know him, as almost nobody really does, you wouldn't see the tiny shadow always lurking behind his sparkling blue eyes and beautiful smile. To the rest of the world, he is happy, carefree, living a life of envy. However, the truth is, Tahoe is using his persona to hide pain and letting it seep inside and tarnish his belief in himself. He hardens his heart against love, even though it's so clear that Gina is his everything.

Gina is broken too, but Tahoe has the ability to heal her, even if that simply means giving her the courage to try and find love again. His friendship is a balm to her wounded soul but it's almost as painful as it is joyful. She wants him and at times, she breaks down, willing to take what little bit of himself he allows other women to have. To Tahoe's credit (adding to his already magnetic appeal), he won't let her. He knows she deserves more than a one night stand, and it's something he refuses to give. He even watches her attempt to find it with someone else, knowing she deserves to be loved and worshiped.

There are moments of absolute heartbreak in this novel. Tahoe's need for Regina is strong and palpable, I could feel it clinging to the air like  dark, wet blanket. But, those moments when they are so casual and open, the best of friends, they lightened my heart. Their banter was cute and witty, often making me smile as though I were a part of the joke.

The sexual tension between these two...whoa! Denial isn't something I would have thought could be a form of foreplay, but after reading this book, there is no doubt that is can be. There is also a sweetness to their romance, something fun and innocent, but so filled with love. It's very clear they bring each other joy, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I really wish it hadn't taken quite to long to get them together. By the end of the book, I was quite frustrated. A little tired of the same back and forth, though there were minuscule hints of Tahoe's thought process changing.

In the end, it was simply beautiful. These two deserved their happy ending and when get it, it lights up the book and warms you like you're standing in the sunshine. They are perfect for one another and I was all about the warm fuzzies. I really, really, wish there had been an epilogue though. I'll admit, I pouted over it for a while. I'll cling to the promise of the next book in the series! I can't wait!

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